16 Persons Suspended by the Liberia Kickball Federation

As the 2019 kickball season began on Saturday, February 16, the Liberia Kickball Federation announced it was suspending and fining 16 persons including players and technical staff for breaching the league’s rules in the just-ended National County Sports Meet.

The names of suspended individuals were announced following several investigations that were carried out from the reports presented by match officials during the semifinal and grand final of the 2018-19 tournament.

The players and technical staffs were suspended after investigations proved they physically and verbally assaulted match officials during the Nimba and Margibi semifinal match and final match between Margibi and Grand Bassa.
The suspended individuals include four players and four technical staff from Nimba’s team who attacked and shouted profanities at referees after their defeat in the semifinal match to Margibi on January 9, 2019. Eight players from Margibi were also found guilty of violent conduct against referees following Margibi’s defeat to Grand Bassa in the kickball final on January 13, 2019.

The suspended individuals have been warned by the Liberia Kickball Federation to stay off all kickball related activities and to refrain from making provocative statements while undergoing their suspensions.

Full names of suspended individuals;

Names Status Counties # of months Fines (L$)
Famatta Dean Player Nimba Three 3,000
Iaverline Corneh Player Nimba Three 3,000
Benetta Paygar Player Nimba Three 3,000
Sharon Obanya Player Nimba Three 3,000
Ezekiel Doekpah Coach Nimba Six 3,000
Emmett Hazel Technical staff Nimba Six 3,000
Tony Saye Technical Staff Nimba Six 3,000
Darius Ajavond Assistant Coach Nimba Six 3,000
Tenneh Dorku Player Margibi Four 3,000
Marcken Gibson Player Margibi Four 3,000
Tetee Wise Player Margibi Four 3,000
Touse Myers Player Margibi Four 3,000
Ecelia Saydee Player Margibi Four 3,000
Alice Sackie Player Margibi Four 3,000
Kud Gooding Player Margibi Four 3,000
Grace Johnson Player Margibi Four 3,000

Featured photo by T. Kla Wesley Jr.

T Kla Wesley Jr.

T. Kla Wesley Jr. is a member of the Sports Writers Association of Liberia.

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