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OP-ED: John Morlu for President

OP-ED: John Morlu for President

John Morlu, former Auditor General of Liberia, has been a fearless advocate for accountability since he came to the public eye about ten years ago. He has not relented in his desire to push for austerity, evident in his keen displeasure for corruption among public officials and his track record when he served as Liberia’s Auditor General.

OP-ED: Is George Weah Ready to be President?

This week, news emerged that Senator George Manneh Oppong Weah, the former world footballer who used his feet to accomplish wonders in the European league, thus becoming world best player in 1995 – a fame he would also use to launch his political career – ranked as one of the worst performing senators in terms of plenary participation.

OP-ED: Amid Liberia’s Acute Health Care Needs, a Criminal Syndicate at JFK

A big news story emerged last week in Monrovia, at the John F. Kennedy Medical Center, the nation’s biggest hospital. What has surfaced is news of a criminal syndicate at JFK, which has managed to defraud the health facility of about US$500,000.