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OP-ED: Hopeless Future – Misguided Generation – Unpatriotic Leaders

OP-ED: Hopeless Future – Misguided Generation – Unpatriotic Leaders

The future of Liberia is uncertain. Our nation is trekking on a journey to nowhere. Unfortunately, nothing genuine is being done to find concrete solution to this predictable and perilous end. We could encounter severe consequences and painfully pay for our silence if we continue to ignore prevailing realities.

OP-ED: A Hopeless Unification Day

Touring Red Light, a commercial suburb outside Monrovia, was a painful experience for me this past Unification Day. Even on this national holiday, there was no space for pedestrians to easily travel or pass through as street peddlers and petty traders flooded Red Light in pursuit of economic survival.

OP-ED: The Legacy of a Heroine Par Excellence

Mother Mary Nema Brownell will forever remain an emblem of feminism and a symbol of heroism for generations yet unborn. It is difficult to imagine and comprehend that this heroine par excellence is no more. This loss is too grave to bear. It has left us in a state of disbelief and grief. We have every reason to mourn the demise of this phenomenal icon.