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OP-ED: George K. Werner – A Reformist or Deformist?

Liberia in this age of globalization and modernity is wedged in a web of dilemma due to an array of factors. With all of what this country has in terms of natural wealth, it remains a symbol of poverty and illiteracy in Africa, even though it was once seen as the pride of Africa.

OP-ED: The Nation Mourns When a Conscious Voice Fades – A Tribute to Mamadee Diakite

The rising sun was gleaming from the bottom of the Atlantic with a humid breeze of disbelief spreading across Monrovia and its environs. The nation woke up once more to an atmosphere of shock and surprise. Almost everyone was in a state of mourning as a result of loss we are yet to get over. Getting over such a loss may not be anytime soon.

OP-ED: Leadership is About Service Not Self-Enrichment

If anybody deserves quality education, better health care, electricity, safe drinking water, improved housing, and other basic social services, then it is the PEOPLE. Since all power is inherent in them according to Article one (1) of our Constitution, then it means that the welfare of the people must be an indispensable national priority.