Bong Approves Over US$300K for Superintendent’s 100-Day Development Plan

GBARNGA, Bong − Bong County Citizens Council has approved a budget of US$302,913 to implement the first 100-day development plan of the county superintendent, Hawa Norris.

Superintendent Norris submitted a 100-day development plan to the council upon taking office on May 14, with an accompanying budget to execute the plan.

County Finance Officer Silas Tokpah presented the budget on July 1 at a joint meeting with the County Council at the Gbarnga Administrative Building.

Tokpah outlined the administration’s focus on key areas of development, including education, health, agriculture, and infrastructure. He said the activities under these thematic areas will drive substantial improvements for the county and its people in the first 100 days of Superintendent Norris’ administration.

The projects include fencing the superintendent’s compound, renovating and constructing hand pumps at the Gbarnga Administration Building and other public facilities in the county, cultivating a crop farm for the county, and supporting smallholder farmers through agricultural tools.

He emphasized the administration’s commitment to improving transparency and accountability in managing the county’s resources and promoting good governance through community engagement and participation.

“We have consulted with various stakeholders and identified the most pressing needs of the people. We believe that with the implementation of these plans, we can make significant progress in the next 100 days and beyond,” he said.

After deliberation, the council approved the budget. Council Chair Aaron Sackie Fenlah welcomed the administration’s farsightedness and called on citizens to support the initiatives and hold the administration accountable.

He noted that the superintendent’s first 100-day operational deliverables represent a firm commitment to her administration’s development agenda. He promised that the council would work with the leadership to prioritize the needs of the people and work towards a brighter future for all.

Featured photo by Patrick S. Tokpah

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