Bong Police Sends Man to Court for Murder in Mob Violence

GBARNGA, Bong Police in Bong have charged 37-year-old Sayo Kormah with murder for allegedly killing Stephen Dahn, 40, in Suakoko.

Kormah admitted to murdering Kormah during the police investigation. He was then forwarded to the 9th Judicial Circuit Court in Gbarnga.

“I feel very hurt – very unhappy at the moment,” Kormah told reporters before he was sent to court. “I want to ask the government of Liberia through the police to forgive me. It wasn’t my intention to do what I did.”

The victim was mobbed on May 31 around the Suakoko Central High School Campus on an allegation that he stole a motorbike in the community. Police later identified Kormah and a few others who are on the run as the alleged perpetrators of the mob violence that killed Dahn.

Kormah told the police and the media that he and the others murdered Dahn because they saw an angry crowd running after the victim and accusing him of stealing a motorbike.

The police set up a jury panel that found that Dahn sustained several wounds on his body and the head, resulting in his death.

Originally from Nimba, Dahn found a fiancée in Suakoko and settled there seven years ago. His fiancée, Christiana Kanasuah, said her boyfriend had his own bike that he was running, although his bike is yet to be seen since his untimely death.

The police commander of the Crime Services Department in Bong, Kelenso Flomo, said authorities are still searching for Dahn’s bike and others linked to his murder.

Flomo revealed that in 2023, the Liberia National Police Bong County Detachment recorded 14 cases of mob violence in Bong, representing around 10 percent of all cases.

Featured photo by Stephen Tokpah

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