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Belgian Brews at The Living Room

After a Monrovia hiatus of several months, I’m back on the scene, ready for the rainy season and a continuation of culinary adventures. To ease my return, the first column of my second Monrovia stint will be confined solely to the pleasures of the luscious libations at The Living Room, the rooftop bar at the Royal Grand Hotel.

A Forgettable Evening at the Usually Solid B. First

I had been to B. First Restaurant at the corner of 13th Street and Payne Ave a few times before. A sign denoting specialties covering the cuisines of seemingly half the population of the world – India, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh – beckoned. On previous visits, I ate mutton biriyani, shrimp fried rice, butter chicken, paleek paneer, and other standard Indian fare. The portion sizes shamed Mama Susu, and everything tasted pretty good.