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From Refugee to Entrepreneur: a 22-year-old Starts a Snail Farm

From Refugee to Entrepreneur: a 22-year-old Starts a Snail Farm

A 22-year-old Liberian has started a snail farm in Toeh town, Nimba County. The proprietor of Weedor’s Farm, Dave Weedor said, even though a snail farm might be an unfamiliar concept in Liberia, it will mark the beginning of a larger agricultural investment that he is undertaking.

Constitution Review Conference in Gbarnga Proposes Major Changes

The Constitution Review Committee has ended a four-day National Constitution Review Conference in Gbarnga. The four days exercise brought together delegates from the fifteen subdivisions and the Diaspora to vote on 25 issues to be forwarded for amendments to the 1986 constitution including reducing term durations for political offices and making Liberia a Christian state.

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GSA to Begin Publishing Names of Individuals Who Misuse Vehicles

The General Service Agency will begin publishing the names of individuals who misuse government vehicles assigned to them. Mary Broh, the head of the agency, discussed this initiative at Thursday’s Information Ministry daily press briefing in Monrovia. Broh warned that the misuse and abuse of vehicles and other mobile equipment had increased to “an unacceptable level” at a significant cost to taxpayers.