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OP-ED: Is There Still a Glimmer of Hope for Liberia?

OP-ED: Is There Still a Glimmer of Hope for Liberia?

I was in Liberia this past summer to spend my vacation and conduct research. Prior to making the trip, I felt excited and anxious. I hadn’t been back home to reconnect with my family and my friends for an entire year. But apart from reconnecting with loved ones, I was most excited about executing plans I had worked on over the past year.

OP-ED: How Liberia Can Succeed in the Digital Economy

The world is changing — fast! Technologies we only dreamed about a few years ago are now a reality, and new innovations are on the horizon. The digital economy has arrived, bringing with it the power to transform countries across Africa — and around the world. However, this opportunity must be pursued; change won’t happen automatically. Why should Liberia embrace the digital revolution and how can it succeed in the digital economy?

OP-ED: Recommendations for President Weah’s Free Tuition Policy

Exactly a year ago, President George Weah announced a free tuition policy for public tertiary schools across the country. In a Facebook post last October, the president wrote, “Today, I’m excited to announce that I have declared the University of Liberia and all other public universities in Liberia tuition-free for all undergraduates.”