Op-Ed articles

OP-ED: How A Politicized Anti-Rape Protest Vindicates Feminist-in-Chief Yet Again

My simple or perhaps strong message to the anti-rape campaigners and all other contemporary self-styled Liberian advocates is this: the sooner you shed your ill-will and bad blood towards this president, keeping out of your advocacies and protests vile perceptions and often the misjudgments about his right and his ability to preside over this country as the president, the better.

OP-ED: The Case for Voting ‘Yes’ to Dual Nationality on Dec. 8

I believe that dual nationality could be good for Liberia and Liberians if it is done right and for the right reasons. It will restore the sense of belonging to our brothers and sisters in the diaspora who have taken up other citizenships, freeing up their investment potential which could create a lot of small businesses and contribute to the livelihoods of many ordinary Liberians.