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OP-ED: Protest Was Never Meant to Usurp the People’s Will

OP-ED: Protest Was Never Meant to Usurp the People’s Will

There are two ways in which a president can be removed from office in a democracy like ours. The first is by popular vote via an election, and the second is through impeachment by the people’s representatives. The former has to do with policies or the lack thereof, while the latter has to do with misconduct.

OP-ED: Why the Weah Step-Down Protest is Undemocratic and Unconstitutional

Liberia is still wiping off the dust from the more than 14 years of uncivil war. The years of bloodbath destroyed the entire nation’s economy and is still having its toll today – this is why a political machination in the form of the ‘Weah Step Down Campaign’ that seeks to dethrone a government is frightening.

OP-ED: Charles Walker Brumskine – ‘The Man in the Arena’

Indeed, Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine spent himself in a worthy cause for Liberia’s betterment. Sadly, like the many great sons and daughters before him whose legacies live only in distant fading memories, what is left of him will depend upon the society he leaves behind.

OP-ED: How Liberia Can Succeed in the Digital Economy

The world is changing — fast! Technologies we only dreamed about a few years ago are now a reality, and new innovations are on the horizon. The digital economy has arrived, bringing with it the power to transform countries across Africa — and around the world. However, this opportunity must be pursued; change won’t happen automatically. Why should Liberia embrace the digital revolution and how can it succeed in the digital economy?