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Called to Action: Chicago Nurse Finds her True Calling in Liberia

Called to Action: Chicago Nurse Finds her True Calling in Liberia

Last year, Time magazine’s Person of the Year honor told the stories of dozens of courageous men and women on the front lines in the battle against Ebola. I’d like to tell you the story of one more: Janet Teasley, a registered nurse from Chicago who risked it all to help her people “back home” in Liberia.

On Shaky Ground: Secularism, Religion and the Liberian Nation

Delegates at the recently concluded National Constitution Review Conference approved a proposal to make Liberia a Christian state. Jackie Sayegh explains why the notion that Liberia was founded on Christian principles is based on a lie. She argues that if Liberia is to remain inclusive, the constitution must preserve secularism.

The Bush Chicken water pump

OP-ED: We Must Demand Piped Water in Rural and Urban Liberia

The World Health Organization estimates that over a quarter of the Liberian population lacks access to clean water supply. Even fewer have access to piped water in their homes. Instead of pursuing a policy of high-quality service, many NGOs and government agencies are fine with providing hand pumps and wells for Liberians, even those in urban areas. Liberians should aim for higher standards. Why should we be satisfied with a lower quality of service?