CDC Launches Local Campaign in Lofa’s 5th District

ZORZOR, Lofa – The Coalition for Democratic Change has officially launched its campaign to reclaim the representative seat in Salayea District as its incumbent representative stepping down from office.

The outgoing representative and vice chairman of the CDC, Moses Yarkpazuo Kollie, has committed to supporting Alexander Sumomatie Gargu to succeed him as representative.

Addressing supporters during the launch in Ganglota, Kollie assured supporters that Gargu was the best option to follow him, because of the candidate’s leadership skills and his commitment to development.

Speaking earlier, Gargu assured citizens that he would deliver on his legislative agenda and ensure that the district robustly deals with agriculture.

Rep. Kollie also used the occasion to announce the arrival of George Weah, the CDC standard bearer, in Lofa this Saturday, September 9.

According to Kollie, Weah will spend three days and host several activities while in the county.

Featured photo by James Kwabo

James Kwabo

James lives in Zorzor and is the General Manager of Alternative Youth Radio 98.9MHz and National Director of Youth Talk-Liberia. He completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication and Public Administration from the United Methodist University Magna Cum Laude.

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