Club Breweries Declared Knock-Out Champions, as Barrolle Receives L$100,000 Fine

MONROVIA, Montserrado – The Liberia Football Association has declared Monrovia Club Breweries the winner of the 2016 Knock-Out Cup competition.

The Beer Boys will go as Liberia’s next representative at the 2017 edition of the Confederation of African Football Confederation Cup.

Club Breweries was declared the champion in line with LFA regulations after an investigation over the disruption of the Knock-Out Cup finals by angry fans.

Breweries was awarded three points and two goals in keeping with LFA rules that states, “No matter what the score shall be at the time of the offence, or at the end of the match, three points and two goals shall be awarded in favor of the offended team, unless the opponent team was leading by a margin of more than three goals at the time of the offence or when the match comes to an end, in which case the score will stand.”

With just three minutes remaining in the regular 90 minutes of the match, a fan believed to be a Barrolle supporter ran onto the pitch and was followed by many frustrated Barrolle supporters who attacked the center referee, Jerry Yekeh, accusing him of cheating.

Having won the 2016 second division title, Club Breweries will end the LFA 2016 season as double champions.

Meanwhile, Mighty Barrolle has been slapped with a L$100,000 (US$1,042) fine.

Ansu Dulles, who runs the Knock-Out Cup, said Barrolle is being punished in line with rules that requires such if their players or fans interrupt a match.

Featured photo by T. Kla Wesley, Jr.

T Kla Wesley Jr.

T. Kla Wesley Jr. is a member of the Sports Writers Association of Liberia.

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