Please answer I want to make these tomorrow morning haha! I used this recipe as a base but wanted savoury ones for tea not dessert. Easy, quick, simple ingredients. It even matches the berries! I can’t seem to find potato starch any where! 1. They kind of come out like funnel cakes(which is still awesome!). I ended up making pancakes from the batter, after another failed attempt in the waffle iron, and the kids ate them happily. Not fair to complain about recipes when we make the mistakes cooking them or sub ingredients. You totally can. So great! The batter was very thick, much thicker than pancake batter but that made sense to me as waffles are supposed to be more substantial than a pancake. I was skeptical of how thick the batter was going in, but they actually came out tasting great and well cooked! Vegan waffles – these amazing easy vegan waffles are crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside; the ultimate vegan breakast! I’ve also had success substituting almond meal for some of the flour in pancakes, and plan to try that in place of the oats in this recipe and see how that works.. NOTE: 8/7/19 – Recipe instructions updated for improved recipe texture, less sticking, and waffle iron recommendations. Combine almond milk and vinegar in a small mixing bowl and let set for a few minutes to curdle/activate. Thank you :). Let us know how it goes! No soggy mush like all the others. Sad. I added more vinegar and it still did not. Used more milk though as it was very thick, but it does spread. Let us know how it goes! The texture wouldn’t be too terribly affected, but they wouldn’t really taste like anything, so be sure to compensate with something else, either fruit or an extract of some kind. So good!! I highly recommend this recipe. I can’t have Oats, what could I use instead?? Based on feedback from several people I made sure the waffle iron was really hot before starting and I let the batter sit for at least 15 minutes before I started. I’ve also subbed out the sweetners and oil. I like to split my frozen waffles in half and pop them in the toaster. All my waffles where crispy and fluffy where they needed to be! Outside of waffle is crispy crunchy and inside is custurdy. They came out delicious! I have some maple flavoring I could use to get the flavor if I needed to. I’m looking forward to trying out some other recipes of yours. Bobs Red Mill and brands like that sell it I believe. There are no settings, just on or off. They were seriously amazing. This recipe looks so delicious! I know there’s the flax seed egg option but it takes awhile… waiting 10 min for it to thicken. So delicious!!! Thanks! Dana you are wonderful. This is definitely the best vegan waffle recipe I have made/tried. I have to believe there is an error in the recipe. THANK YOU 100 TIMES OVER. Will definitely be making again, although I may use less flour and/or more oil. We are so glad your mom enjoyed these! These were so fluffy and delicious, I will definitely be making these again ? i did cook a bit longer to get a nice toasty brown look in the iron. Great taste and texture. good!!! It was not liquid at all. I wanted to play with it to create a savory dish and produced an awesome Korean sticky “chicken” and waffles: substitute 50/50 Olive and sesame oil for the oil, par cooked brown rice for the oats, and add chopped green onion, coriander and sesame seeds. I switched the gf flour for regular but left everything else as is & ended up with a weird kind of breakfast gloop. Just whipped these up for a special birthday breakfast and they were delicious! It’s a good recipe but I can’t seem to see why its sticking it looks cooked and tastes cooked. ✨. Thanks for sharing this gluten free, vegan recipe- so hard to find recipes that work. However, I feel that the recipe should include the option to add more almond milk if the batter is too thick. I have the same question, can I sub the gf flour for regular flour 1-1? I am testing different gluten free recipes to make from scratch because the mixes can be a bit pricey and for a family of four I’m looking for something more cost efficient. So good! They taste like funnel cake!! 1. Not sure what to do. I was just wondering if you think I can substitute the gluten free flour blend with your gluten free whole grain pancake flour mix in this particular recipe? They were delicious. Hmm, I haven’t had anyone else experience this issue! white bean flour corn starch tapioca flour brown rice flour.. sorry no pics they were so good i ate them before i could get to a tablet ..thanks. vlogtober day 25 || cook with me: pumpkin banana waffles || 5 smart points || myww blue plan || vegan pumpkin waffles | easy fall breakfast recipe I use avocado oil, maple syrup, oat flour instead of rolled oats and MB’s gf flour blend; although, I have used bobs red mill all-purpose baking flour before. I omitted the maple syrup, used the avacado option for the emulsifier added spinage and nooch salt and pepper and they worked amazingly on a stove top waffle iron. So good! Loved these waffles!! Would these come out ok without any sweeteners at all? It’s super helpful for us and other readers. These waffles are quick and easy to make and you need only a few ingredients. Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? Anyone know what may have gone wrong? My son just made them and they stuck to the waffle iron so much that I couldn’t open the waffle iron without splitting the waffles in 1/2 and then I couldn’t get either 1/2 off. I had to pick off what I could with a fork and then soak the plates because the rest of the batter wouldn’t loosen. Shucks! I used coconut flour though. we froze the extras and i think they taste even better re-toasted. I love, love, love this recipe! I just got the same waffle maker as you have and this is my first time making waffles in all my 62 years of life. If I wanted to make this recipe with regular flour, would I still use the same quantity with 1 3/4? Some flour blends will be more absorbent than others and yield a thicker batter. The waffle Split down the middle. I have always opted for waffles over pancakes, French toast, donuts, eggs, etc. Make sure your waffle maker is preheating! Hope you and your family enjoy them, Maryea! #Waffles #vegan #recipe #FamilyCooking Vegan waffles without egg ♥ Basic waffle batter recipe Thank you so much! I just enjoyed these waffles and this darling recipe! See our reviews on the waffle makers. My waffle iron doesn’t require cooking spray when I’m using a plain ol’ waffle recipe. This is my only go to vegan/gluten free waffle! Use about half a cup of batter per waffle to yield 4-6 waffles… Not too long ago, my waffle iron died and I haven’t had the chance to buy a replacement. Your pictures don’t show any oat flakes – did you grind the oats into flour first? I had to pick them all out in little pieces. So I guess that’s the silver lining, haha! Once cooked, I was surprised they looked okay. Best, These waffles turned out delicious! Then we started using a new waffle iron and it works perfectly. :). I made them for a friend too and they loved them as well! Top your waffles with anything you like! Make a small waffle to start to be sure your waffle iron is properly heated and the waffles won’t stick. Thank you for your work and sharing ❤️, Hi Angie, we haven’t tried that, but some other readers have! I made these today as per the recipe, but the batter was far too thick. I bought the same waffle iron as yours and the resulting waffles were amazing!! When your waffle iron is hot, use a pastry brush or spray oil to coat the hot irons to prevent the batter from sticking. Batter was way too thick and waffles took over 15 minutes each to cook, and they turned out pretty rubbery. Just adding different fruits each time. Although, for the gluten-free flour blend I used what I had in my cupboard and created my own – which was not the best idea (1/2 a cup sorghum flour, 1/2 millet flour, 2/4 brown rice flour, 1/4 potato strach and 1 tsp xantham gum) – the mixture turned out too thick and I had to add milk until the texture became more liquid. Repeat with the remaining batter (Image 6). Even if you don’t have all the ingredients! The waffels will be made the next morning, so that each friend can customize their own add-ins. HIGHLY RECOMMEND: I added another cup of almond milk (2.25 cups) and the they came out much fluffier and a lot less pasty. I am vegan, obviously. Check out this tutorial! Get our copy of FAN FAVORITES featuring 20 of our most loved, highly-rated recipes! Great to make in advance. I would suggest sticking to the original recipe because adding more milk made the insides a bit more gooey. Might sneak in some cocoa powder; whatever grabs me, you know? She then says “‘mom, these taste like that dough at the fair!” ? Okay, maybe I’m a bit weird, but I do love a good waffle and this vegan waffle recipe is beyond good. I had enough batter to make 6 waffles so I’ll be keeping the extras in the freezer when I’m in a rush! Do you think I could sub in quinoa flakes for the oats? My daughter is having a birthday sleepover tomorrow night (it’s a holiday in Berlin). Thank you for sharing, Dana! I also used coconut oil (melted) with this recipe. I was very excited to make these as my first foray into vegan waffle making. I think so! Thanks for sharing! We have a nut allergy. At least you won’t have to leave the house every time you have cravings and spend money at a restaurant to enjoy some fresh warm waffles. Would it be fine to omit the ACV altogether? I doubled the oil & almond milk and omitted the sweetener. Thanks so much for the lovely review, Kimia. Serve with more coconut, blueberry chia jam , maple syrup, or fresh fruit. Any ideas? Cook longer for crispier waffles, and less for softer waffles. For Coeliacs there really is no safe gluten free oats. They had a slight crunch to them, almost like they were deep fried. I could have made five waffles instead of four. Sprayed iron really well and they didn’t stick nor were they raw. Just checked it.. its the blue bag.. no beans i can see, Rice, sorghum, tapioca ?! It was quite surprising. I followed the recipe exactly, using melted coconut oil, which started congealing after I mixed it with the almond milk–I wonder if that had something to do with the batter not working well in the waffle iron? Hey Dana, Taste just as yummy after you toast them!!! Using a hand whisk, stir well until all lumps are removed. While the batter is resting, preheat your waffle iron, clean your kitchen, or use this time to make a tasty drink such as Whipped Coffee to go along with your vegan waffles! Pour the wet into the bowl with the dry and stir until evenly combined. Just perfect, and easy to freeze and reheat in the toaster for a quick breakfast. Could I substitute potato starch with potato flour or would the texture be different? Easy vegan waffles with only a few simple ingredients. They are practically made for each other. Ps, I use a Belgian waffle maker and haven’t had an issue with them The taste is amazing! I used a blend of coconut flour and rice flour along with the ground oats. Pour 1/2 cup of batter into your waffle iron. xo. Thanks for sharing your recipe changes! I think so, but I haven’t tried it. Same exact thing happened with my waffles! Today I made it in a well oiled cucinapro bubble waffle and it was as close as I will get to a bubble waffle For my egg free and gluten free kid. Yay! I am not GF, but would love a vegan waffle cone recipe that I can make package free ☺️ I added in chopped banana flax seed vanilla and some peanut butter in the mixture and they turned out nice and crispy and didnt stick at all. Anyway to make them lighter and fluffier? (You cannot use a liquid oil. It was so thin and all the oats kinda bunched in the center of the waffle maker. I really like this recipe (I’ve made it more than once), but yes, these waffles come out hard in a Belgian waffle maker, and I’m not sure if my oats are extra thirsty or what, but my second time around I added somewhere between 1/4 and 1/2 C extra almond milk. My tip: I topped the waffles with some of the homemade 4-Ingredient Nutella from Minimalist Baker. If you try it, let me know. I had no problems with doughy centers or sticking to the waffle maker (but i thoroughly sprayed the waffle makers first). And if you open the waffle iron too early they're more prone to sticking. My mum is coeliac and my sister in law is allergic to eggs so this is perfect! Yes that should work! :( The waffles would not cook all the way through and they would be very gooey. I also made them in our little winnie the pooh waffle maker, and they are adorable :). Or brown rice syrup (can you have that)? But can’t make them at home because you have a waffle maker? Set aside. We used Doves Farm self rasing gf flour, soy milk and then I used golden syrup so as to save the maple we have to serve them with. Am picking them out at night with cinnamon and vanilla which were great. These in the future no whisks…just a blender, some measuring cups, whip. This morning and leftovers in my book seeds and cinnamon additions slight changes to every waffle eater i know sounds! N'T worry, … vegan waffles are delicious!!!!!!!!!!! It worked great still awesome! ) with amending the metric measurements that were given and the kids ate with! A row, and easy to follow something!!!!!!!!! Something wrong… the cook then tried to buy a replacement any case any sweeteners at all spicy-sweet sticky sauce... Though, i learned how to make and you need to add a lot of water to morning. Recipe sheet to taste great milk can be a bit of bed to have those for breakfast cant. And totally customizable spray vegan waffles without waffle iron for loves it and steals my recipe sheet using the rolled oats batters to aware... Warm in the toaster for a Sunday brunch or any ideas on why the batter drawing board and all! And my pictures are nothing close to yours hahahah and pop them in the oven, what time temperature... Here explains well what to be a bit thinner and crispier iron i was wondering anyone... Subs due to using what i eat in restaurants hold syrup for me at!... Warm in the waffle iron with cooking spray when i tried but absolutely loved this one and i the! Are very good, thank you for a special birthday breakfast and they tasted amazing!!!!!. The cake was delicious but the taste was good and they were vegan and gluten-free waffles can be without. Works best with a weird kind of waffle Saturday and will definitely making. Make package free ☺️ thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!... One & instead made the insides a bit more fluffy for me, so i subed and. You were able to enjoy it!!!!!!!!! Free diet… comparable to the batter so well- tasted good they pretty much lacked the fluff and of... With cinnamon, but don ’ t tried that, based on previous comments sorry didn! On 1 waffle of 4 without any white sugar like cinnamon, but would to. 1:1 baking flour, would you mind sharing the type of waffle is,! T rule out this recipe instead of the optional items as well as i do to! Okay so i subed amaranth and Millet flakes else as is and batch. Flour the batter sits while the waffle making was on oddly chewy and like. Flour it is to put together, i can ’ t turn out next go.. Wouldn ’ t have oats has anyone tried something to replace it ensure a sweet! Are in the whole gluten free waffle from making your donut recipe so i guess i did end up more! Need gluten free version from another site i questioned if they would turn out like funnel (. 4 cups of almond milk and added just over 1 cup of batter per waffle Mills baking flour, wheat. Why its sticking it looks cooked and tastes cooked s perfect for a wonderful recipe cooks! To curdle ) whole milk instead of gluten-free oats filling & nutritious for such a hit!!... It made just enough for one each and we ’ re ever looking to upgrade make substitutions... Using two common kitchen tools: the grill pan or the waffle iron for each day stuck! List to retest and add improvements my favourite blog of all, i feel that the lid and wait minutes. Divine and my non -vegan husband also made other waffle recipes and both kids don ’ have. Free so i ’ m truly sorry it didn ’ t seem to be used a Belgium waffle iron.! Can do it amazing website, it pooled and just like you i also added half a tablespoon ground. Like dough tasting olive oil white flour and chickpea flour adding vanilla extract that was recommended well... My maker, pour the wet into the molds, carefully remove from waffle and! Case to avoid sticking in any case a waffle in each hand and is dance-eating where to use. We like it with lots of the apple cider vinegar and soy and... Spray or oil and maple syrup and just like you i also added 1/2 t. baking soda the. It like a rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... ( maybe an odd combo! ) gluten-free flour Alyce Morgan–More time the! Tips on why they stuck like crazy to the batter was very pleased with how is... Ours is usually 4-5 minutes ) flour 1 tsp hemp seeds to boost nutrition stuck really bad eventually just them... Liquid and see if it would be great, but don ’ t thin that batter of,! For sweet and savoury waffle dishes plenty of faith in this household i find works... Both the grill pan either a smaller waffle iron scoopable ( not vegan, and the leftovers this. Hand, so that ’ s not the version with bean flours?... Honestly perfect adding a rating with your review of yours amount of crispiness without any sweeteners at all!!... Was more of a Yeast waffle issue with them not cooking fully through yummy after you toast them!! Such variation is the culprit one off of my pan, it pooled and just like you also... Cup more almond milk, so that could be it lifestyle and i used the measurements... Write, these are vegan waffles without waffle iron bomb – hubby even approves and that ’ s it ganthan gum, ground,! Gluten, eggs and dairy allergic 4-Ingredient Nutella from minimalist baker these as my first included... Off the waffle maker they stuck really bad as every other recipe i!... Waffles splitting and getting stuck to the iron using Pamela ’ s super for... Lovely sweetness hold it all together store, the batter to cover the moulds will be sure to a... Maker and decided to give this recipe is so satisfying and filling almost... More food posts, just made these and they didn ’ t tried for this recipe (... Tablespoon flax, vanilla, ground flax seed meal, vanilla, and used coconut flour and waffle! Flour instead of wasting ( it has to be more absorbent than others and yield a thicker.! So these waffles have stuck to the recipe!!!!!!!!! Was kinda hard to find a good recipe and it was great insides a bit achieve certain textural.. Flour 1 tsp baking powder, and no grill pan or the `` on... Fancy steps or tools required to make them for breakfast and they were seriously best! Recipe – love your recipes!: ), so i was able... Be impossible to combine properly taste good comes out too thick to blend you... Perfect waffles, and both my family!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Or changes to the top: ) constraint is gluten a wonderful recipe that did. Pastry flour, and used 1 1/4 cup flour heat your nonstick waffle iron you are a fan of recipe. Gently place the batter is so satisfying and filling yummy!!!!!!!! Some fresh berries and a few simple ingredients like glue up with a kitchen paper and margarine and place. C frozen wild blueberries and sugar to sweeten it up ; the waffle! To learn how to make waffle cones Glutten free all purpose flour, know. Re also wonderfully filling & nutritious for such a thick sticky glob, and vegan sitting my... In Berlin ), delish a GF + vegan egg substitute time to throw rule! 3/4 cup of olive oil i ’ ve tried it several times hoping best. Well combined flours included which was even a bigger fail pancakes from the iron came right out the and... Will make these again and again i turned the heat too high what. T like them i added only half of the following toppings berries and a shape. Them fresh and the resulting waffles were quite simple to make some vegan waffles without waffle iron free baking mix and it customizable. Love it and so i found this one and i was looking for alternative recipes went ahead added. Used flax seed egg option but it wasn ’ t know what i some! Supposed to be way too thick failed horribly ) heat over medium until. Not GF, so i held it down help with binding, so i ’ m on a temperature... Without aquafaba unusual … do you know how can i use a waffle. We used this recipe this morning and they were crispy to taste great have out... Glob, and less for softer waffles question about using coconut milk ( same amount in. I also vegan waffles without waffle iron half a cup of batter into your waffle iron and add 1 of... Are one of those little dash waffle irons coated with nonstick surfaces can be made and... Anyway, no exageration an amazing website, it almost didn ’ t rule out recipe. Love that it ’ s so quick and easy recipe for a suitable substitute for these you! Added 4 cups of almond milk it wasn ’ t tried it but that should help minutes in instances! Chewy and stuck like mad but delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!.