Grand Kru County Health Team Quarantines Seven Ghanaians

BARCLAYVILLE, Grand Kru – The Grand Kru County Health Team has disclosed that seven Ghanaians have been placed under a 14-day precautionary observation period at the Rally Time Hospital. They traveled to the county via canoes from neighboring Ivory Coast, which has over 300 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus.

According to the county surveillance officer, Jimmy Lawubah, the men are undergoing observation and have not presented any signs or symptoms of the Coronavirus. He made the statement at a meeting for the county’s Incident Management System team held at the Barclayville City Hall this past weekend.

He said the county’s health team was working in close collaboration with the local county authorities through various community-based organizations to intensify awareness about the pandemic. The goal is to prevent an outbreak in the county.

Lawubah also revealed that 25 security personnel stationed in the county have received awareness and prevention training supported by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. They come from the Liberia National Police, the Liberia Drugs Enforcement Agency, the Liberia Immigration Service, and the Liberia National Fire Service Agency. The personnel will also receive thermometers, donated by the county superintendent Doris Ylatun, for screening travelers entering the county through the six major checkpoints.

Meanwhile, the county is pleading with the central government and philanthropists to supply the county’s health system with the required logistics to allow proper response to any cases.

The county health team has already identified Bahwen Maternal Waiting Home in Trenh District and Chief Compound in Barclayville as quarantine sites in case of any suspected Coronavirus cases.

The southeastern region has had no confirmed cases, although Grand Gedeh had a suspected case involving a 21-year-old mother and her son. It later proved negative for the Coronavirus.

Liberia has, so far, recorded 14 confirmed cases and 3 deaths.

Meanwhile, Lawubah noted that the Incident Management System team had received L$90,000 (US$454) from the Barclayville City Corporation, 21 handwashing buckets from the Grand Kru Business Association, and 20 gallons of fuel from Tarhini, a road construction firm. He noted that other prominent citizens have pledged to support the county’s efforts against the Coronavirus pandemic.

Featured photo by Jefferson Krua 

James Suah

James Saye Suah attended the Barclayville Central High School and is currently studying computer science at the Grand Kru Technical College in Barclayville. He works with the Voice of Grand Kru as a senior reporter, production director, and talk show host. Additionally, James is also a correspondent for the Liberia News Agency.

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