L$4 Million Scholarship Fundraising Drive Launched in Ganta

GANTA, Nimba – The Lawrence Sua Foundation Scholarship Fund Drive for 2016-2017 has been officially launched in Ganta.

The well-attended ceremony took place at the Ganta United Methodist gymnasium on the Ganta Mission compound on Saturday, October 8.

Scores of Ganta residents, scholarship recipients, and members of the media were present at the occasion, which was organized by Lawrence Sua, a resident of Ganta with political ambitions to run for representative of Nimba’s first district.

According to Sua, the total number of scholarships offered would increase from L$1.5 million (US$15,151) last year to L$4 million (US$40,404) this year due to the influx of students needing financial assistance.

“Saturday, we are going to raise that money,” Sua said in an interview with the Voice of Gompa radio station prior to the program. “Already, some friends that I have written [to] for assistance have started responding to our request.”

He continued, “We had over 170 persons benefiting last academic year, and this year, the number has increased to over 400 students.”

Lawrence Sua. Photo: Arrington Ballah

Lawrence Sua. Photo: Arrington Ballah

Although the amount raised at the ceremony was not disclosed, the turnout at Saturday’s program has impressed the representative.

“We realized our objectives [through the fundraiser],” Sua said after the program. “As a matter of fact, our invitees – those in attendance and not – still sent in their contributions. The students were in attendance and their parents were also present. So surely, the program’s objectives were overly achieved.”

Sua said the L$4 million is expected to cover the expense of 420 students benefiting from the scholarship for this academic year – covering tuition, fees, and additional payments.

Featured photo by Raily Guambeh

A resident of Ganta, Nimba County, Arrington has a background working with credit unions and other organizations dedicated to rural finance.

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