Liberia to Conduct National Fisheries Stock Assessment With Technical Assistance from Guinea

GREENVILLE, Sinoe – The National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority has announced that Liberia will soon begin its first-ever comprehensive independent national fisheries stock assessment.

Independent assessments conducted on the Liberian fish stock have so far been done on a regional level by international partners. Those are usually done for a few days and on a few species of concern within the region.

NaFAA says an independent national stock assessment will provide a means of obtaining a strong national fisheries independent data set to verify regional stock survey data as well as form a strong basis for fully maximizing the socio-economic potential of the fisheries resources.

According to the agency’s communications officer, Lewis Konoe, the stock assessment will result in an economic boost to the fisheries sector and will be implemented jointly with neighboring Guinea.

Konoe said the Guinean government has “carefully analyzed Liberia’s request for technical cooperation and assured that they have the capability to accomplish said request for fish stocks assessment in Liberia.”

He added, “The Liberian fisheries director-general said [the] Guinean National Center for Fisheries Science of Boussoura is now proposing that Liberia develop a possible partnership agreement between the two countries in charge of marine resources.”

He noted that the Guinean government would be dispatching a team to Liberia soon to push the project further, although no specific date was provided.

Konoe recalled that the last regional fish stock assessment was conducted in 2019. Because this one will focus more specifically on Liberia, the research could attract investment in the fisheries sector and lead to job opportunities for Liberians.

Besides the possibility of Liberian seafarers being hired aboard fishing vessels brought in by investors in the sector, Konoe said the fisheries research could also allow other investors to establish and operate processing plants within fishing communities to hire locals and allow for exports of fish.

Featured photo by Teahwleh Geeplay

Teahwleh Clarke Geeplay

Teahwleh Clarke Geeplay started his journalism career at the Elizer Davis George Memorial Baptist School in Greenville, Sinoe as a press club reporter in 2012. He currently serves as Farbric Radio’s county correspondent for Sinoe and is the vice president of the Sinoe Journalist Association. He works for Liberty FM as a station manager.

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