Liberian Entertainment Awards 2015 Nominees

The 7th annual Liberian Entertainment Awards will be held this Saturday, February 21 in Washington, DC. We have compiled for you a selection of artists, performers and designers who have been nominated in each category. Let us know who you think should win.

Best New Artist

The Bush Chicken Foreign Ward

Foreign Ward was born in Monrovia and raised in Philadelphia, PA. He and his family immigrated to the US at age seven. His recent hits are “Party” and “1hunnit.”

The Bush Chicken Bryan Doe

Bryan Doe was musically influenced by his father, a preacher. He began his music journey involved in church and choir. His most recent hit is “Keep Loving You.”



The Bush Chicken Pity D'Best

Pity D’Best grew up singing in his church and continued honing his skills throughout. His biggest hits are “Follow Me” and “Scatter my Head.”



The Bush Chicken Togar Howard

Togar Howard first entered the entertainment world with his dancing and choreography skills. He later diversified to incorporate singing. His biggest hits are “Basima Basima” and “Jolie.”


Born in Buchanan, Lady Mouthphy is a budding artist who first saw her star rise as participant on a reality TV show in Ghana. She's best known for her hit, "My Life."

Born in Buchanan, Lady Mouthphy is a budding artist who first saw her star rise as participant on a reality TV show in Ghana. She’s best known for her hit, “My Life.”

Best DJ

The Bush Chicken DJ Ant Flahn

DJ Ant Flahn

The Bush Chicken DJ Bossman

DJ Bossman


The Bush Chicken DJ Spek Takula

DJ Spek Takula

The Bush Chicken DJ Versatile

DJ Versatile


The Bush Chicken DJ Yung T

DJ Yung T


Best Music Video

Best Film

“Pressure,” directed by Julius Wilson


“Trio,” directed by Tibelrosa T.

The Bush Chicken Killer Bean

 “Killer Bean and Falcao,” directed by Douglas I. Enogieru

“Gbahtuo in America,” directed by Jallah Kanneh

“Avenger,” directed by Jonathan Garblah


Best Actor

The Bush Chicken Al Johnson

Al Johnson is a Liberian actor premiering in a breakthrough role in the movie Black Money. Al has done commercials, ad campaigns, and appeared on the US television show, C.S.I., New York.

The Bush Chicken Frank Artus

Artus Frank has produced, directed and starred in many films from the Liberian, Ghanian, and Nigerian film industries. He has also won many awards in within those industries including the Nollywood Star of the Year from Hall of Grace Awards and Best Supporting Actor at the City People Entertainment Awards in 2012.

The Bush Chicken Josephus Tolbert

Josephus Tolbert, an actor and model, graduated from A.M.E. University and has starred in many Liberian, Ghanaian, and Nigerian films including “True Lies,” “Touch My Body” and “Lines of Deception.”

The Bush Chicken Dream Debo

William Dream Debo has starred in such films as “Drive” and “Deadly Wish”

The Bush Chicken Joseph Weah

In addition to acting, Joseph C. Weah has served as model for Cellcom. He also contributed to the “Ebola is Real” video.


Best Artist

The Bush Chicken DenG

DenG released one of the biggest songs to dominate Liberian culture this past year, “They Vex.”

The Bush Chicken David Mell

David Mell rose to fame with the hit “Carry Your Load.” Over the past year, his biggest hit has been “This Love.”

The Bush Chicken Munnah

The ever eccentric Munnah had her biggest hit this past year in the party anthem, “Celebration.”

The Bush Chicken G-Rize

G-Rize has opened for some of Africa’s biggest stars and has some of the highest Youtube views among Liberian artists. Some of his hits within the past year are “LIB Ladies” and “Forever Luv”

The Bush Chicken Jodi

Jodi has been a constant on the Liberian music scene over the past few years. One of his recent hits is “Butterfly.”


Best Gospel Artist

The Bush Chicken Kanvee Adams

Kanvee Adams, most famous for “You Will Carry My Load,” has released “Heart Desire” and “On the Cross to Redeem Me” over the past year.

The Bush Chicken Bernice Blackie

Bernice Blackie initially took the country by storm with “U Na Do It Again.” Over the past year, she released “I Feel Your Pain.”

The Bush Chicken Fatu Zeon

Fatu Zeon is best known for “Who is Behind This.”

The Bush Chicken Ivan P

Ivan P is known for his track, “Nothing is Too Hard for God.”

The Bush Chicken Evelyn Kamara

Eveine Natt Kamara is most famous for “Dependable God.”

Best Fashion Designer

The Bush Chicken Roshe Dezign

Roshe Dezign

The Bush Chicken Myeonoway Designs

Myeonway Design

The Bush Chicken Moie Designs

Patrice Juah

The Bush Chicken Damey's Collections

June Damey

The Bush Chicken Myric Design

Myric Design (Darym Stefie)


Best Model

The Bush Chicken Ziama Younger

Younger Ziama

The Bush Chicken Valentino Lucas

Valentino Lucas

The Bush Chicken Akief Sheriff

Akief Sheriff

Sambi Alieu

Sambi Alieu

The Bush Chicken Daniel Collins

Daniel Collins


Best Hipco Artist

The Bush Chicken Jon Bricks

Jon Bricks

The Bush Chicken Takun J

Takun J

The Bush Chicken Rawpekin

Raw Pekin

The Bush Chicken Lil Beshop

Lil Beshop

The Bush Chicken Mr. Smith

Mr Smith



Song of the Year


Categories not included above are Best Film Maker, in which Alfred Musa Dukuly, Courage Borbor, Richard Dwoumah, Tibelrosa T, and Alexander Wiaplah were nominated; and Community Crusader, in which YOTAN Liberia, Trokon Glay, Karen Koukou Twaglee, Bill Rodgers, and Brenda Brewer were nominated.

All images are the property of their respective owners and were sourced mostly from the entertainers’ social media pages. Information about some artists was also sourced from 

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