Maryland Police Link Death of Suspected Criminal to Mob Violence

PLEEBO, Maryland – Investigators in Maryland have blamed the death of a 19-year-old resident of Pleebo on mob violence.

The body of Jonathan Koffa was discovered by community members on the early morning of June 6 along the Disco waterside with bruises to his forehead and blood oozing from his mouth, nose, and other orifices.

Koffa, identified by eyewitnesses as a notorious criminal in Pleebo, was pronounced dead by a team of health practitioners who examined him on the scene.

Detective Jimmy T. Kaydor, the chief investigator of the Crimes Services Division of the Liberian National Police in Pleebo, told reporters that the victim died as a result of mob violence. Kaydor said police had not yet identified the perpetrators.

Meanwhile, as the police investigation continues, Koffa’s body has been turned over to family members for internment.

A member of the Community Watch Forum in Pleebo, Ferguson Alberts, condemned the growing wave of mob violence and encouraged the public to go through the justice system. Alberts said mob justice was leading to the deaths or injuries of innocent people.

“We need to carry [any] criminal to the police station, not to beat the person or kill him,” he said.

Over the past year, Pleebo has seen multiple reports of deaths due to mob violence. On February 13, another man suspected of being a criminal was discovered dead in Pleebo. The 42-year-old victim, Matthew Sieh. The perpetrators have yet to be identified.

In December last year, a 23-year-old man was also mobbed to death in the Zone Three Community.

Featured photo courtesy of Peter P. Toe, Jr.

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