Maryland’s Superintendent Halts Mining Activities in District Three

PLEEBO, Maryland – Maryland’s superintendent has placed a temporary hold on mining activities in the county’s third district, also known as Karluway Statutory District. During the temporary halt, Henry Cole plans to have the county administration verify the legal documents of all companies mining in the area.

Cole decided when four mining companies operating in the district failed to attend meetings the county had arranged after public outcry over the companies’ activities.

Maryland citizens have long complained that they are not benefitting from extracting their natural resources. Many have questioned the legitimacy of those companies.

The superintendent said he called the meeting for the companies to present their legal mining documents to the local authorities and put together agreements to support affected mining communities.

He said only the Jupiter Mining Company attended the meeting.

Cole said the companies operating in the area that refused to attend the meeting include Soar Mining Company in Gbeken Township; Dupe Mining Company in Karloken; AB Mining Company; and another belonging to the district’s former representative, Isaac Roland.

He termed the absence of the four companies as a “clear signal of operating under the shadow of illegality.”

“Their abrupt absence shows that they are not obeying the laws of our country, and they are illegal,” Cole said.

He has urged the county’s joint security team to prevent further mining activities at the various mining camps immediately.

Cole’s decision has been generally welcomed by the public, as many have resented these companies they believe are extracting natural resources with no positive impact on the surrounding communities.

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