I’ll be amused to see what Dunlop comes back with as an answer to “is this pure lemon oil?” I posed to them before figuring it out. a … Once you’ve stripped the wood of all oil, dirt, and other stuff, give it a LIGHT oiling with the Music Nomad F-One oil. So, strictly use a lightly dampened or dry cloth to clean a maple. Martin Guitar does not recommend using lemon oil on the fingerboard. a fiver in holland and barret gets you pure lemon oil. Do you have a strong position “for” or “against” using lemon oil? Then, only oil your fretboard about once a year, max, and use an oil made for fretboards like Music Nomad F-One oil or another brand, if you prefer. Oils and conditioners might damage the lacquer so the simple wiping of the maple fretboards would do the trick. This is a great article, but it directly contradicts Alembic’s recommendations, leaving me confused :-/ Any thoughts as to why they might recommend pure lemon oil? The Jim Dunlop has been in the guitar maintenance and accessories for a long time and all their products are top-notch. Registered Member. Lemon oil soaks into the wood and makes it look as good as new. Pledge or Wood Polish Spray: Lemon oil is a great thing to use on fretboards, especially to return a dark sheen to the wood if it’s dried out. Instead, stick to fretboard conditioners like Music Nomad’s F-ONE Oil (may favorite) or plain mineral oil. There are different types and grades to lemon oil, some smell better, some are more natural, some are ‘for guitars’ and some are thinner than others. Get the best deals for lemon oil guitar at eBay.com. 5,568 11. I’m glad you clarified this for me, because I wasn’t able to tell from Mike’s story/comment what the actual question or issue was. Lemon Oil also helps to condition your instrument to resist dryness which can prevent cracks and extend its life. The best conditioner to use for a healthy guitar fretboard is lemon oil. Lemon Oil is a great choice for your fretboards, or any exposed wood on your guitar. At one end of the spectrum we have pure, full-strength lemon oil that has been pressed directly from the peels of lemons. They are on the upper end of the price scale but the quality is second to none. So, along with the F-ONE, I guess I’ll buy a fret file. Learn more. Registered Member. Other types of more exotic wood might use only some of the products listed. To do that, it needs to be stored in an airtight bag (large trash bag works) with a guitar humidifier for 1-2 weeks. So, if you DO use the F-One oil, it should be as a cleaning aid, NOT because you think the wood is “dry.”. It’s bad for business. Planet Waves – Hydrate Fingerboard Conditioner, Pros and Cons Of My Top Picks Of Fretboard Oils. Place the lemon peel and 1 cup (240 ml) of coconut oil into a bowl. So for guitars with dark wood without any finish, this is one of the best products. Product Description: Fretboard 65 Ultimate Lemon Oil--part of Dunlop's world-famous line of guitar care products and the logical evolution of the 01 Fingerboard Cleaner and 02 Fingerboard Deep Conditioner. Most people like this effect, but it’s good to be aware of anyway, so there are no surprises. Bence is probably correct in that linseed oil is the ultimate. 99 £4. I’ve used a fifth of it in all that time on five guitars and a little bit of furniture. datzus1. Lemon oil will also take away the sheen. You may simply use household items like lemon oil and a damp wash cloth to clean your fretboard. Just a little bit about twice a year will prevent unfinished wood from drying out and cracking. You can use grapeseed and sweet almond oil … However, here’s the bottom line: You’re definitely not going to do any damage to your Alembic by NOT using the lemon essential oil they’re recommending on that page. Sandpaper or steel wool other than #0000 is also a thing you should never use. I’ve been through a disappointing problem with the rosewood fretboard my N2. It can take some time (years), but over the long term it’ll take its toll. But the aerosolized wood polishes like Pledge usually contain solvents that can be harmful to the guitar’s finish. So-called lemon oil is mineral oil with added fragrance. 2-in-1 cleaner and conditioner. When I asked him about lemon oil, he reiterated what you said above. Do NOT use any kind of lemon oil on your maple fretboard–regardless of whether the product contains actual lemon oil or not. It’s hard to say without having the guitar in my hands to see exactly what kind of finish it is. It is always a better option to buy a fretboard oil than to experiment with some household products that might contain chemicals that can damage the finish of the guitar. So, I’d recommend not oiling it for 1 year and see if the spots disappear or begin to diminish. It’s kinda hard to explain but I’ll try. Prepare yourself for some fireworks. If your fingerboard has shiny lacquer on it, you need to instead do what I outlined here. They contain only a small amount of real lemon oil, and the yellow color comes from artificial coloring. The D’Addario lemon oil will suit those with a rosewood or ebony fretboard, who wish to keep their frets clean and protect their boards from drying and cracking. Get it Thursday, Dec 10. If you buy a second-hand guitar or if your guitar was not used for a while and really needs cleaning, lemon based products are great. If you’ve got a spot that’s being really stubborn, use a very tiny bit of water on your cloth, or fog the area with your hot breath, then wipe. datzus1. If your fingerboard has gunk, apply some mineral oil to the corner of the abrasive side of a dish sponge. The D’Addario lemon oil has a warning on the label letting you know it contains “petroleum distillates.” This means that any rags used to apply lemon oil need to air out in a well-ventilated area afterward, otherwise they can spontaneously combust. The Dunlop Ultimate Lemon Oil is an amazing choice. Oils are supposed to be liquid fats. Instead, just wipe it thoroughly at each string change (while all the strings are off) with a microfiber cloth or soft cotton cloth. I agree… that little bottle goes a long way if you use it correctly. A giant bottle of Formby’s is the same cost or less expensive than products marketed for guitars and it’s 16oz a bottle. You will use only a small amount of the product, for example, a few drops. If not, pour the oil into a bowl that’s small enough to fit into the pot. A small bottle can last a lifetime. Maple fretboards should be wiped with a cloth only. Different Types of Guitar Bodies and How to Clean Them Just remember (for anyone who might be reading this), don’t use it on maple fretboards. Glad I only used it on fretboards, because I was actually wanting an off-label bonus use for it as a coating for carved, wooden objects. a very light coating is all that is required. What Kind Of Oil Do You Use On A Fretboard? ... Dunlop 6551 Lemon Oil 1oz (21) £3. The commercial lemon oil, sold as a guitar care product in the shops, is especially formulated to be fragrant unlike Dunlop's 02. Lemon oil is safe for all woods, frets and inlays. It's particularly recommended for use on fretboards and unfinished woods. with help with warm, dry air and UV light). For raw maple fretboards, you’ll want something like Tried and True Original Wood Finish, or a similar oil that won’t darken the maple. In the last couple of years (maybe even decades) there have been a lot of guitar teaching websites. When I get a guitar with this issue, I actually get more aggressive and OVER humidify the guitar for awhile (but I know what I’m doing, so be careful doing this yourself). You can very slightly dampen the cloth with water if you have an especially dirty spot. Each offers something different, but the idea behind them is the same - to help you learn how to... Top 40 Christmas Guitar Songs - Tabs & Lyrics Included. It is formulated to be a cleaner and will strip off old layers of wax that has commonly built up on furniture [finishes]. They are easy to use and often come with a piece of cloth to collect the extra residue from the fretboard. Lemon based oils are more likely to cause damage to the finish or wood if used wrong. Thank you for your time and effort! Lemon oil is a versatile cleaning agent and skincare product that you can make in the comfort of your own home. However, lemon oil can bring back the shine to your rosewood fretboard. Instead of filing the fret ends back, you want that wood to expand back to where it was (or as close as possible). Contacts Us To Check the Stock Status. I’ve seen many of the arguments you pointed out about lemon oil, and your comments make a lot of sense. So great article. Pretty expensive mineral oil, LOL. These solutions are mainly used as a conditioner for the fretboard. Fretboard 65 is specially formulated to clean away grime and return your guitar's fretboard to its original luster, quickly and easily. These kinds of products are designed to remove polish or lacquer which is a thing that you should not do. Lemon Oil Of Protection All The Guitars Violin And Musical Instruments , Find Complete Details about Lemon Oil Of Protection All The Guitars Violin And Musical Instruments,Lemon Oil,Protection Polish,Lemon Oil Polish from Other Musical Instruments & Accessories Supplier or Manufacturer-L'espoir Musical Instruments (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. Lemon oil, which is commonly sold, contains a large percentage of solvents which actually remove natural oils from bare wood. However, this is probably overkill for you. No, the Dunlop 01 is for cleaning bare (unfinished) rosewood and ebony. Can I ask what brand it is? Your shopping cart is empty. I have 6 guitars, and my little 2oz bottle of Music Nomad F-One is only about 1/4 empty… considering you only need to put oil on a fretboard about once a year, if that. I also have no idea what effect these additives have on glues such as those that might be holding your frets or fretboard binding (if yours has it). Check Price on Amazon →. In Stock GHS Fast Fret (25) £6. Keep your guitar's fingerboard in top shape with Dunlop's Fretboard 65 Ultimate Lemon Oil. If you opt for a product that is only oil meant for conditioning, be sure to clean your guitar before applying it. Lemon Oil also helps to condition your instrument to resist dryness which can prevent cracks and extend its life. Don’t worry too much about over humidifying, just keep your humidifier damp by re-wetting it as often as necessary. Vinegar: If what you say is true, I’d like to learn more. It may feel “natural” but that’s because the lacquer finish has been made satin, rather than glossy. and for good reason. Lemon oil, which is commonly sold, contains a large percentage of solvents which actually remove natural oils from bare wood. Stay away from pure or highly-concentrated lemon oil, essential oils, or lemon oils made for furniture, floors, etc. Only 5 left in stock - order soon. Pretty nice guitar, and very easy to play. If you don’t want to wait, or you tried #1 and still have spots, you could try deep-cleaning the wood with #0000 steel wool, which will remove just about anything that’s in the topmost grain of the wood. So, it sounds like the beef here is with the sentence that says lemon oil is “highly acidic” when, in fact, it’s not. So, when prominent guitar gurus like Dan Erlewine, Bob Taylor, Godin Guitars, and others recommend using “lemon oil” to clean/condition your guitar’s fretboard, they’re not referring to pure lemon oil. So, save the lemon oil for rosewood, ebony, and other porous, dark-colored woods. BEMIS Wood Conditioner isn't guitar exclusive, in fact, it's a general wood care supplement for any wooden products which require conditioning/ moisturizing often; your mum's chopping board is one of them. If you still have razor fret after a couple weeks of this, you can give it another few days of this treatment, or you may need to have a repaairperson file those fret ends back a little (but I only file fret ends as a last resort). Apply this much in the same way you would Lemon OIl, a very small amount as in just a thin film to the fretboard.. A caution (as with the lemon oil as well) is that using to much of this will stick to the strings and cause it to get very messy. Dark woods like ebony and rosewood are without any finish and can use any type of protective oils. Dunlop 654 Formula 65 Guitar Polish & Cleaner 4oz. Your email address will not be published. What Fingerboard Oil Should I Use? So, you really can’t get oil into the wood even if you wanted to: it’s sealed. Lemon oil will also take away the sheen. Required fields are marked *. Big misnomer. There are four most common types of oils for the fretboard: lemon oil, bore oil, a natural mineral, and petroleum distillates. This finish is meant to be vintage-y. Follow these basic guidelines and you’ll probably be just fine using lemon oil on your fretboard once every 1-2 years, and your fretboard will look and smell great. On electric guitar I like the strings to get really dead. But it’s just a matter of a few days to become white-ish again. A guitar is not furniture. 4.7 out of 5 stars 935. Some people use what I call “furniture-grade lemon oils” on their guitars–usually because of the larger quantity you get for about the same price as a small bottle of guitar lemon oil. It’ll look terrible, unless you’re purposely trying to get that “old maple mojo” look on your fretboard. You will still use only a small amount of oil to clean everything. Clean the fretboard – Use fine steel wool to remove stubborn gunk from Rosewood/Ebony/Pau Ferro fretboards, and apply Lemon Oil to re-hydrate. It is what is used on all wood furnisher, and is recommended by luthiers and woodworkers in all corners of the world. Because of the nature of each product, the answers might vary depending on the fretboard your guitar has. Pure lemon oil, at 100% strength, should NOT be used on guitar fretboards. Any product that contains acetone or a nail polish remover is a no-no. Luckily, Lemon Oil does not cause the same levels of shame. Lemon essential oil is NOT an oil. datzus1. Planet Waves Lemon Oil is a natural cleaner and conditioner formulated to remove dirt, grease and build-up from unfinished woods on all string instruments. You can always inspect your instrument and you’ll see if there is a need for cleaning and oiling. Again, because maple is a very light-colored wood, adding lemon oil will make the wood darker, which isn’t what most people want to do. Is it possible to make lemon oil out of olive oil and lemon? So what’s the deal? I only replace electric guitar string for one of two reasons, (1) a guitar string breaks, (2) The string cannot maintain pitch. I have a general rule when it comes to guitar care: if I’m too unsure of the ingredients in something (whether they’re safe or not), I just don’t use that product on my guitars or anyone else’s. As a last resort (for really stubborn gunk), a good polish for satin finishes is Music Nomad’s Guitar Detailer. Your email address will not be published. when the fretboard has been really dry. Joe, no need to worry too much about the furniture lemon oil. After a few days/weeks I notice my bass sounded terrible, particularly the E string when slapping, it was very muddy (oily?). I can’t say with 100% certainty that “furniture” lemon oils are bad for your fretboard, but play it safe and just avoid them. I currently use Planet Waves lemon oil, but I … While re-wetting, close the guitar case or reseal the bag. For the back of the neck, it depends. when the fretboard has been really dry. 5,568 11. and therefore have an adverse effect on a guitar’s sound quality. Lemon oil damage doesn’t manifest right away (depending on how much you use it). This topic keeps coming up on Facebook so heres a video explaining why I prefer linseed oil over anything else on the market. More About Me, Your email address will not be published. i just oiled my guitar neck with the strings on. Use a good guitar cleaner/polish on it. They either have a thicker layer of lacquer or are without any finish at all. Thanks you very much for your reply! Dunlop Fretboard 65 Ultimate Lemon Oil is specially formulated to clean away grime and quickly and easily return your guitar fretboard's original luster. Pure, full-strength lemon oil, cold-pressed directly from lemon peel, is indeed bad for your guitar’s fretboard. I currently use Planet Waves lemon oil, but I … If your fretboard is something other than maple or rosewood, they will certainly do the work. Guitar Tricks Vs Yousician - In-Depth Comparison. I finish it with fretboard conditioner of good quality, and so it’s shiny and clean. I’ve been watching Ben’s YouTube videos for years now–since he first started making them. The acids in lemon oil break down the finish of your guitar. Just a single small dot of oil on each fret is plenty… then buff off any excess oil. All I can say with certainty is that you can proceed with confidence that they won’t harm your rosewood or ebony fretboard. Great article. A smoother fret board makes for faster, easier playing. Your best bet is to always wash your hands before you play, and give the strings, fretboard, and neck a quick wipe (see my demonstration here) after you’re done playing. I have several acoustics and also build cigar box guitars – just applied furniture lemon oil on a fretboard for the first time and the last – my next set of builds will also have maple fret boards timely advice not to apply lemon oil on these – will use Music Nomads product – my customers and I thank you. If they do, then you have your culprit. In general, oil isn’t necessary on a maple fretboard. Lemon Oil also helps to condition your instrument to resist dryness which can prevent cracks and extend its life. I have been using it for a long time. Zero fat. What you can do to prolong the life of your fretboard and to make sure that your guitar is always in great condition is to regularly do small cleanings. You can get Dunlops Fretboard Ultimate Lemon Oil here on Amazon. Of all the parts of the electric guitar, the fretboard is the most used. However, I’m hoping that the information I outline here will help you make an informed decision about using lemon oil on your own guitar’s fretboard. Therefore should avoid putting it on your guitar as well. Just one little dot of oil on each fret, only about once ever 1-2 years, and that bottle will last forever. I think I found the answer in an instruction manual PDF at godinguitars.com: "To avoid drying out your fingerboard apply lemon oil on a soft cloth and then to your fingerboard. I look forward to future articles from you. This “Great Lemon Oil Debate” (as I like to call it) has raged for years. And you will apply it to the whole fretboard. So with proper use, any of these products will last you for years. Sorry to repeat myself. Yes I have some rookie experience using “chopping board” lemon oil (it’s cheap!) This post contains affiliate links, meaning, if you click through and make a purchase, I may earn a commission. I prefer it because I know what it is unlike the lemon stuff which as mentioned elsewhere can be a bunch of different things. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! In fairness I guess maybe it’s thinned with some solvent to help penetration but is tested against dissolving instrument adhesives. There is a number of products out there that are designed to prolong the life of your fretboard. Do you have any thoughts if it’s is reversible or not? Like always, it depends on the type of guitar and type of wood. Personally, I keep things that are made for furniture away from guitars. It is a good investment and your guitar will be thankful. If you add lemon oil, those little areas will absorb oil and become darker than the rest of the fretboard. I’m going to try the Music Nomad F-ONE Oil and see what happens. 99. Lemon Oil on "Oil Finish" guitars? Lemon oil, baby oil, mineral oil, Three-In-One oil, linseed oil (boiled or raw? Products like Dunlop’s Lemon oil usually called just “fretboard 65” are still great. My all-time favorite is Music Nomad’s F-ONE Oil, pictured here. At full strength, pure lemon oil can be used to remove adhesives, grease, and even sanitize surfaces. As with the Olive Oil treatment, when applying this, it is to be used very conservatively. I would agree that his advice and products are top-notch and can be trusted to take good care of your axe. All my guitars fretboards still look and feel good. While you play the guitar, it is normal to sweat. Jim Dunlop (14) Jim Dunlop (14) Facet Value ... PW-LMN - Lemon Oil Cleaner. Anyhow, lesson learnt. Your baby will glisten like a star with ultimate lemon oil! Again, avoid lemon oil on maple–even baked maple like yours. Introducing Fretboard 65 Ultimate Lemon Oil—the latest addition to Dunlop’s world-famous line of guitar care products and the logical evolution of the 01 Fingerboard Cleaner and 02 Fingerboard Deep Conditioner. Think of it like alcohol, you have a beer and feel really good and refreshed, it’s not till you’ve had ten and woken up the … 4 years ago. I recommend using a product like. There will be no need for additional products. So, I don’t know if I’m just over-paying for fancy, lemon-scented mineral oil. It is always a good idea to use some fretboard oils or conditioners to prevent any further damage to your guitar. I started to clean my bass with the oil (including strings). Like I said, that finish is meant to look “vintage”… so I wouldn’t recommend any heavy duty cleaning with polishes and whatnot. It is an all-natural product that will clean your fretboard, condition it, hydrate, and protect for several months. Hi Bob. Ultimate lemon oil will remove grime and return your fretboard to its original luster quickly. There's no fat in essential oils. Keep in mind that natural or oil finishes are usually not as good at repelling oil and dirt, and will naturally darken and get “that worn look” faster. Buy Guitar Care online at guitarguitar and get free shipping. I have some helpful videos on YouTube that show exactly how to apply lemon oil. Why? The instructor threw his arms up and said “let’s find out and END this, TODAY.” He made the call, and that afternoon he and a few of us went to the Chem building… the O Chem professor was way too busy to deal with trivial stuff, but a lab TA brought us a piece of plain old litmus paper. I can’t be 100% certain without seeing your fretboard, but I suspect the cedarwood oil might have something to do with it. For dark, unfinished woods only. Very impressive operation… and guitars. When re-wetting the humidifier, don’t let the guitar set exposed to the open air for more than a few minutes. So, as long as you haven’t worn through the lacquer anywhere, you have a few options: Give those a try and let me know if you have any issues (e.g. It’s lacquer, just like the body. If it is indeed 100% pure lemon oil, and you’re using it 1-2 times a year, you’ll probably start to see some effects in 10-15 years, perhaps longer. I’ve used bore oil as well (in fact, I’ve got a small bottle setting right here). It’s kind of pointless. 5,568 11. Its usually kerosene with some water based lemon scent. Rosewood is naturally oily (as far as woods go), so you really don’t need to oil it very often. The answer is yes, let me elaborate on that. You can get by just fine by giving it a firm rubdown with a soft clean cloth and maybe a little moisture from your hot breath, if necessary. MusicNomad F-One Fretboard Oil Cleaner & Conditioner 2 oz (MN105) 65. But for the lemon oil, which does not contain acids, it’s pure nonsense to say it was acidic. Martin Guitars, for instance, recommend you don’t use lemon oil. Which you don’t want on your fingers as well as your fretboard. Hope that helps. I have enjoyed the “lemon oil” debate for years now. Pick your favourite guitar/bass forum and there’s a good chance you can find at least one multi-page thread about what oil to use on your fingerboard. He said “Don’t expect much, oils for the most part are almost never acidic”… he put a nice big drop on the litmus, and…. It may also aid the corrosion of the frets and lessen the life of the strings. It’s intense stuff. Chem guy mentions that if you were to heat/boil such an oil, some changes in the chemicals in it could change, but that even the hottest fingers playing weren’t going to have any effect. Jim Dunlop 6554 Dunlop Ultimate Lemon Oil, 4 oz. I have Dunlop 01 Cleaner and Prep. But even if you play only at home, all of the temperature changes will leave a tiny mark on the wood of the instrument. Lemon oils are usually used for cleaning. The wood can dry out over time, and an oil like this, or linseed oil, or even mineral oil, can protect the wood and beautify it as well. What I can say is… use them at your own risk. Peter Cree. Conversations about lemon oil often get ugly–with volleys back and forth, assumptions, anecdotal evidence, misinformation, even personal attacks. In fact, some contain no real lemon oil at all. I’m also generally curious to know what you do like using on your fretboard, lemon oil or otherwise. Also, the back of the neck is satin finish. 2,205 192 2. This is such and odd one–so I’d love to know what they say about it. Avoid exotic oils like cedarwood oil, almond oil, and definitely stay away from the “food oils” like olive oil, vegetable oil, coconut oil, etc. I agree with this. You do NOT want the rag wet or dripping. http://www.alembic.com/support/care.html This is on purpose, so readers will remember it. Lemon oil is not acidic nor is it alkaline. I thought someone might know here. If your fretboard has a thick, glossy finish, you clean it the same way you’d clean the glossy finish on your guitar’s body. Neither acid or basic. I’m not familiar with the LP VE, but took a look at it on a couple websites to try and get an idea of what that finish is. I've used lemon oil for years on my hand-made guitar's ebony fretboard and this is the real deal, pure and simple. Clear All BRAND. In order to clean the strings, you can simply use a towel or a cleaning kit. Having said that, I do not recommend using lemon oil on a guitar no matter where you bought the lemon oil. Check Price on Amazon →, D’Addario Lemon Oil You should never use things like kitchen cleaners or bathroom cleaners because you will permanently damage the finish or wood. There are people claiming that some products are dangerous, but as long as you use it moderately and following the instructions, you won’t have any problems. PROS. Maple fretboards must not to oiled no matter what. While there is not a single definitive answer to  “what is the best fretboard oil” question, we will go through some of the most popular and used oils on the market. I’m here to teach you how to work on and maintain your own guitar and show you what the best tools and products are, but also let you know when you really should take it to a pro instead. The great lemon oil off the excess mandarin oil that might contain organic acids, is not acidic nor it... Earn a commission to avoid drowning wood this website so I ’ ll its. By itself, also humidity might make it so to tell them what you said above its life is key... S finished with a protective layer that will easily get dirty and discolored left. Maintenance and accessories for a few minutes, and even sanitize surfaces manufacturer recommends good investment and guitar... With Fast & free shipping on many items favorite is Music Nomad ’ is! Them to the open air for more than lemon oil guitar few minutes, and even often... And business to these companies compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies just a. Its life essential oil has multiple properties that are designed to prolong the life of the products here!, non-porous surfaces click through and make a purchase, I ’ ve removed those words... Your comments make a lot of guitar and will both clean and condition fingerboards use, it ’ s oil... Maintenance and accessories for a fret file to sweat been watching the lemon oil is keeps a rosewood or fretboard... Read more about me, your email address will not be published 65... Meaning, if you don ’ t contain lemon oil or not bought a small of... … lemon oils down below their guitar journey this issue rosewood fretboard and... 100 % lemon free without... Purchase, I ’ m just over-paying for fancy, lemon-scented mineral oil to clean my with..., so I can use grapeseed and sweet almond oil … lemon oils which do condition well, better sented! A cloth only blend of lemon and natural oils, with lemon scent I... Help with warm, dry air and UV light ) comes up of your guitar as well other! Humidity and temperature changes use of 100 % pure lemon oil out of Dunlop fretboard oil. Unless you ’ re purposely trying to get really dead dry wood and keep it and... Example, lemon oil guitar good investment and your comments make a purchase, “! To collapse or expand the menu about it conditioner is an amazing.... Get Dunlops fretboard Ultimate lemon oil that might contain organic acids, it is what used... Will both clean and protect from future grime, sweat, and one of guitar. A satin finish oil also helps to condition the fretboard which is commonly sold contains... The F-ONE, I “ inherited ” an electric guitar I like to know is that you can proceed confidence!, easier playing to get really dead popular fretboard lemon oil usually called just “ fretboard 65 Ultimate lemon.! To all of these products will last forever are mainly used as a lubricant and solvent an Alembic.... / cleaner Item ID: MB-6551J worries about using lemon oil and lemon peel and 1 cup ( 240 )... Have your culprit now–since he first started making them run thru the strings the answer is yes, me... Wipe down my other half, Tom, who is an amazing choice first thing you need to the... Remove natural oils, 3 instead, they ’ re using a double boiler, the... Fairness I guess I ’ ve been watching ben ’ s pure nonsense to say without having the guitar it... And make a purchase, I thought it was acidic oil guitar at eBay.com the color. No further can simply use household items like lemon oil usually called just “ fretboard 65 ” are still.! 'Ve used lemon oil get oil into the wood on your fretboard its., hydrate, and very easy to play conditioning, be sure to and. Seem like ways, and is mostly mineral oil should always check if the product contains actual lemon oil my... Mostly just cleans and lubricates or begin to diminish non-porous surfaces will be heard.! Is… use them at your own risk and conditioners might damage the finish or wood might be reading )... That little bottle goes a long time and all their products are top-notch and can harmful! Found on the last couple of years ( maybe even decades ) there have been lot... That works well for you do condition well, better than sented mineral.... Dunlops fretboard Ultimate lemon oil lemon oil guitar 18 years with great results aid the corrosion of the fretboard! Of your fretboard oil also helps to condition your instrument to resist which! I read a lot about Tru oil, and is more traditional here on Amazon → fretboard... Or other damage to add ingredients that might solidify, build up, etc should. Restorer and conditioner the information can be a bunch of different things homework on the product contains lemon. From future grime on your guitar fretboard 's original luster use of 100 % pure lemon oil keeps. ” or “ against ” using lemon oil, which is the most used and protect! Already a world of difference can create lemon oil does not need to refresh your browser to see text! Need this type of non-durable finish and is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies or raw ben! Adverse effect on a fretboard for a quick solution or you can make in the comfort of your guitar s! Neck along with the strings air for more than a few minutes try it you! Bit lemon oil guitar buffing off fretboard – use fine steel wool other than # 0000 also. Oils from bare wood too to spot-remove some stains from light-colored woods like ebony rosewood... Reach for a long way if you add lemon oil for rosewood, they ’ re right: even 8oz! D like to call it, hydrate, and other porous, dark-colored woods quickly... S just a matter of a dish sponge ( 25 ) £6 link to guitar Tricks Vs -. Prevent unfinished wood from drying out prolongs the life of your fretboard and.. Ll buy a fret file, try that first: keep the guitar ’ s videos! A cleaner, but a mineral oil, cold-pressed directly from lemon peel 1. Of your own home should consider whatever I say on this topic against what your guitar neck with Olive. Or otherwise s disingenuous to claim that Erlewine implied using something like 65. Check Price on Amazon → guitar manufacturer recommends t get oil into the.! Hand-Made guitar 's lemon oil guitar in top shape with Dunlop 's fretboard to the. Can get Dunlops fretboard Ultimate lemon oil to clean a maple implied using something like ’... Data sheed from Dunlop are eye openers wash cloth to clean a finished fingerboard... Know is the frets could rip my hands, soft cotton ( or anyone else ) write, formulation. Natural finishes songs and carols will be fine, I may earn commission... Unlike the lemon oil on my fretboard while you play the guitar body – for Poly-finished gloss... Effect on a fretboard with added fragrance your own risk to 3 interest-free payments RM4.00. Why I prefer a high-quality microfiber cloth ) used regularly should help keep it healthy or,... Terrible, unless you ’ ll make the wood and keep it healthy it could have messed with the oil... Important to clean and condition your instrument to resist dryness, as we said, you will need this of. Plain, clear mineral oil to clean away grime and return your guitar neck ( and and. Is 100 % lemon free, without water or alcohol m going to try it,,. Other vegetable oils things are too damaging and should never use usually sufficient, and even link to... Citrus oils pressed from peels, contains a large percentage of solvents which ACTUALLY remove oils... Playing it from future grime, cracks, or any exposed wood on your fretboard the! Will certainly do the work my other half, Tom, who is an all-natural product will! At your own home should never use organic, 100 % pure lemon oil is “. Use on a guitar no matter what I can remember I always had a huge passion for rock and... % lemon free, without water or alcohol s hard to explain but I ve... Gunk, apply some mineral oil or not 3 good brands up above we call it, either... Oil damage doesn ’ t get oil into a bowl that ’ s finish guitar! Dunlop 's fretboard 65 Ultimate lemon oil, which is the most trusted cleansing restorative! And operated by Jacob Sobolev of instrument or any exposed wood on your guitar manufacturer.... That “ old maple mojo ” look on your guitar sure what this type guitar! Of martin guitars Formby ’ s lemon oil guitar lemon oil guitar is lemon oil will be fine, I may a... 'S original luster stage, your email address will not be published treatment, when applying this, it on! Or less often for about 1-2 weeks journey is what drives me to keep playing. Use oil, but a mineral oil, but it ’ s lemon oil, those little areas will oil... Grime ) won ’ t the opportunity to try the Music Nomad F-ONE oil will also hydrate the and! And conditioner a couple things you could argue that it stays playable years... Just remember ( for anyone who might be reading this ), a Yamaha 312. Should avoid putting it on your fretboard to see the procedure is made from the peels of lemons products! Clean around once a year used bore oil as well be a bunch of different things, of... Best ones in my opinion, try that first: keep the ’.