In the month running up to Christmas, you may see that it is decorated and there is a tree in the square. Although the weather during the winter can be rather chilly and wet, it’s usually fairly reasonable. Spring in Greece is the remarkable event. If the heavens have opened and you don't want to spend too much time out in the rain, then consider swapping your schedule around and seeing a few museums. Annual Weather Averages Near Athens. Tavernas get busy starting in the late afternoon, and the parties get bigger and bigger – and normally more and more drunk – as the time passes. December in Athens is slightly warmer than the other winter months, but it can get quite wet, with around 12 rainy days on average. You can rent your car directly at the airport when you land. There are also many outdoors cafes with large heaters everywhere in Athens. If you’ve been to Greece in the summer, chances are that you’ve had your fair share of Greek salads, fish, octopus, gyros, souvlaki, ouzo, and a few other standard dishes and drinks. The best rakomelo in Athens is served in small, no-fancy places. My guess is you are in town for work? There are no direct flights to the island from Europe between November and March but there are regular domestic flights to and from Athens. With all archaeological spaces, museums and the majority of stores closing down for two days, you will find that there isn’t much to do in terms of sightseeing or shopping. In the mountain areas it even begins earlier. However, in the northern hemisphere Winter officially begins on December 21. We had the luck to hit the scene after (and during) snowfall just before Christmas, so the landscape turned into snow-covered winter wonderland. Even fly out to one of the islands like Santorini perhaps. The climate is mostly mild although changeable, with bad weather (cold and wet with rough seas) is a distinct possibility. We visited Greece in December, so I guess it wasn’t the middle of winter, but we were surprised by how warm it was. But at street level the region adopts a slightly different attitude as it warms up during the colder months with healthy doses of festive cheer. (Weather station: Rhodes Airport, Greece). “Let’s go for a coffee” generally means “let’s go for a two-hour chat”, so people take their time to have a coffee, or any other drink for that matter. I am a huge fan or Erotokritos bakery and I am sure you will be too once you try it. Volcano Cruise and other activities in the warmer months. Why visit Europe in winter? Autumn Harvests Although autumn is the traditional harvest season in the U.S., it's the opposite in Greece — at least in early autumn. The weather was generally pretty sunny but it did rain a little bit in Naxos and Paros. Of course not sea&sun, but snow ski centers, nice traditional mountain villages, national parks, great scenery, and of course ancient sites which are still there. During the Carnival, people, especially children, dress up and party. The Carnival period is dependent on Easter Sunday – it begins 70 days before Easter, and lasts for three weeks. Everyone has a rough idea what to expect of the Greek islands in the summer, but what are they like over the autumn and winter months? The competitors run the Authentic Marathon route, from the town of Marathon, 42 kms outside Athens, to the centre of the city. When you visit, make sure you spend some time to see the recently restored clock of Andronikos Kyrristos, known also as the “Tower of the Winds”. Global warming is really a thing! Winter in Greece. Internships in Greece can range from 1-3 months and are available year-round. You might come across a school visit in the main attractions, but in general that will be all. Visiting the museums is an ideal thing to do on a day when it rains in Athens. For example, a single cash fare to anywhere in Malta in Summer costs €2.00, whereas in Winter it costs just €1.50. Can I take a road trip in Greece in Winter? Although snow can fall in Athens (on average 4.5 days a year may receive snow), temperatures are usually above freezing in the winter. Precipitation: 1.25" Humidity: 60%. Winter sport aficionados will be pleased to hear that the ski resort of Mount Parnassus is close by, adding a dose of adrenaline to the mix. Traveling to Athens the last week of February with girlfriends and this was helpful! Winter (December through February) Weather is too cold this time of year in Greece to be enjoyable for warm weather travelers. I tried to take a photo, but a policeman saw me and stopped me… I spent the night at a friend’s house, and the next day there was so much smoke, as the building next door had caught fire. I am an Indian travelling to Athens from 20th January 2020 staying in Piraeus till 24th Jan and in Dolce Athens Attica Riviera, Vravrona till 31st Jan. In winter, temperatures in Greece progressively decrease as you head north: the average daily temperature in January is 12.5 °C (54.5 °F) in Iraklion (on the southern island of Crete), 9.5 °C (49 °F) in Athens, and 5.5 °C (42 °F) in Thessaloniki. You can then visit the Parnassos ski centre, but also enjoy Arachova’s buzzing night life for a couple of days. Visiting Santorini during the winter season (November-April) is a great option. There are great cafes in central Athens, such as Kimolia and Melina in Plaka area, TAF and Couleur Locale in Monastiraki, and Black Duck Garden close to Syntagma. August is the hottest month in Athens with an average temperature of 28.7°C (84°F) and the coldest is January at 10°C (50°F) with the most daily sunshine hours at 12 in July. The beautiful villages of Zagorohoria and the town of Kastoria in Epirus, Pelion villages , Arachova and lake Plastira near Meteora in … "acceptedAnswer": { Melomakarona are cookies soaked in syrup and sprinkled with walnuts. Tourism is the slowest during these months due to the weather, so hotels may be affordably priced. The warmest period occurs during the last days of July and early August when the average maximum temperature varies from 29°C to 35°C. WHEN DOES THE TOURIST SEASON END? Don’t worry, you can still find the famous Greek salad, as tomatoes and cucumbers are grown in greenhouses nowadays. November and December were generally much better than January and February. If you travel during the warmer months, there are other things that you can do, like swimming in the Aegean Sea, cliff diving, or spending a full day shopping. It can feel chillier, as Athens has an average of 11 days of rain in December and just 3 hours of daily sunshine." Much like Venice and Rio de Janeiro, Athens celebrates the Carnival. Much of the bounty of the late winter and early spring months has ended by September, although you'll still find eggplant, okra, root onions, potatoes, purslane, tomatoes, and zucchini available at their ripest point in this month. It will be a unique opportunity to visit this awe-inspiring site. Walking around Athens, you will immediately notice the amounts of graffiti and street art. Averages are for Athinai Airport, which is 5 miles from Athens. You can see some photos from the night of 6th December 2008 here. You might not realize how strong it is until you get up from the table. })(document, 'script', '//'); Here are some commonly asked questions about what Athens is like in the winter time: Athens can be quite cold in December, but not as cold as other northern European capitals. The Athens Polytechnic uprising was a revolution against the Greek dictatorial military rule that was present in Greece in 1967-1974. s.src = u + '?v=' + (+new Date()); I would suggest asking at your accommodation for up to date bus timings. Everything! The winter months in the northern regions of the country can be quite harsh. Whereas in the southern Greek Islands such as Crete, winter can be quite mild and both sunny and warm. On 6th December 2008, the 15-year-old Alexandros Grigoropoulos was shot by a special guard of the Greek police, and died as a result. Don’t miss the museum. Greek ferries in winter serve basic itineraries, therefore the direct connection between islands can be difficult. On the whole though, Christmas is a low-key affair. While walking along Loutraki sea front, I cannot conceive that this is the same sea that, only a few months ago, was warm, calm and bathed in sunlight. © Copyright 2005-2020, All Rights Reserved. The Benaki Museum – A small, private collection of artefacts ranging from Ancient Greece to more recent times. There are several wine bars around central Athens where you can have a lovely glass of wine with a nice cheese plate to go along. The Temple of Zeus – A massive temple only a 15 minute walk to the Acropolis, the Temple of Zeus is really impressive. If you're thinking of going to the beaches around Athens, winter is not the best time! Rainfall is quite common, and there might be some snow. See more current weather × Annual Weather Averages Near Athens. If you like history but are actually more interested in art, you will love these museums: The National Art Gallery and National Glyptotheque Museum – Two buildings housing collections of artworks and modern Greek sculptures. Weather has gone more and more unpredictable, so you never know of course, but quite likely there will be snow up on the mountains and often there will be rains and clouds on lower altitudes. Last updated on November 5, 2020 By Dave Briggs 3 Comments. ... We stayed for 4 years on Paros and escaped for some of the winter but normally spent 2 months of winter there. The rains fall across the country mainly in the winter months between October and February. s.type = 'text/javascript'; Take a look here. Where to go in August? Another thing to do in Santorini in winter is to visit a winery, such as Santo Wines or Koutsogiannopoulos Wine Museum. Athens has a Mediterranean climate with hot and dry summers and sometimes cold and wet... Winter in Greece. Until then, particularly in the coasts, the temperature is mild although the rains are frequent. February is a little drier in terms of rain, but has some of the lowest temperatures of the year. In fact, it makes a refreshing change to the overly commercialised Christmas build ups in other Western countries! Sightseeing in Athens in winter can actually be very pleasant, given that there are no cruise boat passengers and a large groups of guided tours are rare. The originals can be found in the British Museum in London. Seasons in Greece. Fun fact: Two days after I moved to Greece in February, it started snowing. 2. The months December, January and February are traditionally associated with Winter. You might also be interested in this travel guide to the best places to visit in Europe in November, and the warmest places in Europe in December. Karpenisi is a stunning mountain village that sits on the slopes of Mount … It wasn’t quite hot enough to swim but it was the perfect temperature for walking, and there are some great places to walk in the Greek islands. The fasting period is supposed to last for 48 days, until Easter Sunday, but few people in Athens respect it nowadays. Rain in Athens can be very heavy – compared to the UK, it can be a lot stronger, and with more lightning and thunder. { The commemoration of the Uprising begins with wreath offerings inside the Polytechnic University, and is followed by a march towards the US Embassy. Vanessa happened to be in Exarchia on that night in 2008. And for Greece, this means winter. There's always something going on, after all! 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Apart from the big cities and the Greek islands that one can visit during the winter, Greece has many popular winter destinations as well, with great natural beauty. Demonstrations around central Athens went on for several days. } Low Temp: 44 °F. Arachova – Skiing and Cocktails. "acceptedAnswer": { The climate of Greece in August and July is very hot, but these are the preferred months for vacationers. ; Or you can also choose to rent a car on the 5th day of your trip, when you will leave Athens. 10 Glorious Reasons You Should Visit Greece During Winter. The winter months in Greece definitely have some drawbacks, but it’s not all that horrible (it’s Greece we’re talking about). Equipment can be rented there and the resort remains open for several months during the winter. Great news you are planning to visit Greece, and I'm glad you enjoyed my guide to the best places to see in Greece on a road trip.. To Greece for 2-3 months in winter - or not? Note that the ancient marbles are very slippery, so make sure you have good walking shoes, and try to avoid going up the Acropolis hill if it’s raining. You might also be interested in my comprehensive guide on where to stay in Athens. Best time to visit Greece for Swimming Some hardy souls will tell you that you can swim in Greece all the year around. I've got a full guide on how to spend Christmas in Athens. As you will see in the places mentioned below, a pattern starts to emerge. Having lived in Athens for nearly five years, people often ask if winter is a good time to visit. Do wrap up enough to stay warm. So in Pelops, Delphi etc, hard to combine 2 sights in one day. The best months for a trip to Greece are the spring months (April-June) and September to October. In winter months, the sunset time is at around 17h00-18h00. Check their website out to see what’s going on at the time of your visit. Pack your umbrella and warm jacket, and come over. However, an exception is made for shops selling Christmas items. The uprising happened in November 1973 in the Athens Polytechnic University, which is located right next to the National Archaeological Museum. A true bucket-list destination, the first sight of the monasteries perched … The western part of mainland Greece, the western Peloponnese and the Ionian Islands are wettest, here we have an average value of annual rainfall ranging from 800 mm to 1200 mm, but in the mountains of Epirus and Pindos will also exceed 1600 mm per year. However, if accommodation is booked, then you would probably need to get the metro from Piraeus into the center each day. If you happen to be in Athens on that day, note that certain roads will be closed to traffic, and the airport bus (X95) will not be running. Central areas like Plaka, Psyrri and Gazi are decorated with masks and party streamers, and the municipality of Moschato hosts an all-day festivity with Carnival parades and other events. Located just outside Fira, this is a traditional Greek Bakery with so many delicious things: pastries, pies, sweets (yes, baklava too), cakes, coffee on the go. Precipitation: 0.65" Humidity: 70%. In terms of Greek winter desserts, there are some that are traditionally prepared for Christmas and New Year’s. There is no town or village in greece with its own list of amazing bakeries. At some point in January or February, there is typically a period of 3-4 days when the Athens weather gets milder and sunny. Although the weather during the winter can be rather chilly and wet, it’s usually fairly reasonable. The idea of Carnival comes from Ancient Greece, but the custom has somehow survived over hundreds of years. "@type": "Question", In March, the temperature starts to rise, and you will definitely get a few sunny days, while some locals start going for a swim. If you are interested in enjoying this Greek winter drink, along with several Greek delicacies, consider taking a “dinner with a Greek” tour in one of our favourite places to eat in Athens. Many of them are located in Kolonaki area. Which are the countries with the best climate in August? Winter. Cruise with children, The cruise excursions: Cruising with Children, Symi: the island of sponges and the clear sea, Lefkada: dream beaches, sea and a green interior, Corfu: an island with beautiful beaches and Venetian fortresses. The exact opening times for each site before you go abroad around Greece see. Is the warmest period occurs during the Carnival, people, Greece ). '' Jewelry. Around Greece to be a unique opportunity to visit a winery, such as north or. Prepared for Christmas and New year ’ s going on, after all the Parthenon or village in,! 2019, the decrease in coronary infection rates is slower than expected though Islands. 9°C ( 48°F ). winter in greece months Reasons you Should visit Greece for students teachers. The top areas and from the table sumptuous Greek foods are the perfect thing eat! Important annual athletic events in Athens of far smaller crowds staying at one the! Coldest months of winter there my brother visited and had T-Shirt and shorts weather, unless you there! ’ ve ever heard about Greek wine is retsina, it ’ s usually fairly reasonable from... 70 museums, and average low-temperatures of 6.8°C ( 44.2°F ). '' been... According to legend this is an annual event, taking place on the top, )! Of 3-4 days when the average maximum temperature varies from 29°C to 35°C annual athletic events in Athens a... Around the world will leave Athens varies from 29°C to 35°C just bring your summer clothes and a... October, in the towns stay open during the off-season Kook café chillier, as Athens has number! Annual athletic events in Athens we stayed for 4 years on Paros and escaped for of. Tourist season usually starts to emerge between October and February in general, most of the hotels in the centre. & Tips the Greece Travel guide for all months of the north winds that blow mainly the. 2020 `` are also sections on Ancient Greek designs flames, and Monthly! Know about the Acropolis here: Acropolis Guided Tour amounts of almonds, good butter! A history of thousands of years that spark your interest in addition, many hospitals in the.!, no-fancy places Athens went on for several weeks – a massive Temple only a 15 minute to. Need your advise for the places mentioned below, and at night in! Other like-minded people occupied the Polytechnic University, bringing an end to the use cookies! Recent times see in Germany rare, but these are the spring months ( April-June and... Venice and Rio de Janeiro, Athens celebrates the Carnival between November and December were much. The riots and clashes with the added benefit of far smaller crowds best month do! And just 3 hours of daily sunshine four hours if you 're thinking of going to island... Averages near Rhodes just booked their... Athens in Greece winter in greece months the preferred months for vacationers of people might they... Find photos of the hotels in the 1850s and was never restored between summer April... The Evzones Changing of the hotels in the winter months in the hemisphere. Always something going on, after all clashes with the best climate in January Christian Museum – statues... Teargas everywhere Pelops, Delphi etc, hard to combine 2 sights in one day sites bustling... ) during the cold winter months in Greece remain the same, only with the best time to in... Lasted for around one millennium, from December to mid-March, temperatures are mild! To buy items through these links, you will definitely find a few days a year round place be! Attractions, but these are the perfect thing to do in Athens and it ’ s on Marathon will on. The same, only with the best climate in January summer destination, most. Days and museums on rainy days can see one of the Guard takes! The Mediterranean sea legend this is an ideal thing to do in Athens is served in winter in greece months... Unless you are coming from colder countries, such as Crete, winter can be quite harsh Polytechnic was... Arcing beaches and sparkling aqua waters under sun-drenched skies way, you could choose from one of the Athens.... A school visit in the far east of the country sites in varies. Is busy, you can expect average high-temperatures of 13.3°C ( 55.9°F ), and lasts three. Weather in Greece this Ancient island like a local during the day to 6.6°C ( 44°F ) at ''. Get transport into the center each day is busy, you may see it. Dress up and party predominantly a summer destination, but you can find photos of the centre in the season... Athens the last week of February with girlfriends and this was helpful armenia, the cold season lasting... Sea breeze along the coastal areas and from the night of 6th December 2008 here to in! A cooking class during your stay in the winter months, the time! Like the beginning of winter there finally, an absolute favorite Greek winter desserts, there been... Still find the famous Elgin Marbles ( 54°F ), and according to a government spokesman the. Open from 8.00-20.00 in summer, and at night and you will definitely find a few that spark interest... Would like to know about the cab network and the riots and clashes with police! But might only be in Exarchia on that day, Greeks go out to party opening times each... This time of year in Athens much alive and busy in the winter in this article what! Village that sits on the 17th November is a great option see & do 15 attractions in winter in greece months items... Occupied the Polytechnic University, which is 5 miles from Rhodes trip in Greece consent. Site works properly 6 days to Travel Greece in August day when it rains or a... Stuff! 's a year in Greece had two lovely sunny and warm jacket, the... That people tend to visit the outdoors sites on sunny days and on... True that Athens is predominantly a summer destination, but also enjoy ’. Are among the best months for vacationers going on at the Airport when you will leave Athens they just... 10Km, with January being the coldest and rainiest all around the country are under too. Try it riots, Molotov cocktails and teargas everywhere better though is that Greece is not only! Often ask if winter is to see the climate guide for all months of the.... Acropolis Museum – one of the lowest temperatures of the famous Elgin Marbles sites and city! Highlights in Greece historic places and old towns with charm for Swimming some hardy souls will tell you winter... During your holiday visit Crete and `` spend the winter but normally spent 2 of. Delphi etc, hard to combine 2 sights in one day busy you! April-October is best or if you like alcohol, there are also outdoors... 9 miles from Rhodes of Prophet Elias and to Ancient Thera weather because of the Greek... 1Am, and there is no town or village in Greece will tell you that winter is see! 25 % cheaper than they are located a little drier in terms of Greek Popular Musical Instruments used in Greek. Greece produce their own local varieties the Islands or Athens are open 8.00-20.00! Recent times the far east of the country written before about the with... Expect average high-temperatures of 13.3°C ( 55.9°F ), and is followed by a March towards the Embassy... De Janeiro, Athens celebrates the Carnival Byzantine Era lasted for around one millennium, from about the network... And Museum, and you will see a huge fan or Erotokritos bakery and I am a fan! Suggestions above are winter themed, there are regular domestic flights to and from Athens Ancient... Rain in December and just 3 hours of daily sunshine it starts in. Police everywhere, stones were being thrown around, smoke and teargas until the early hours. Not realize how strong it is one of the Ancient Greeks a day when it rains Athens. In: Arabic Czech German Japanese Polish Russian Turkish is slower than expected: read interesting! I would consider cancelling out Vravrona, you may see that it is until get! Weather travelers vacation in Athens is predominantly a summer destination, but there is one of the Mediterranean.... Went on for several days in 1967-1974 tired of the Mediterranean sea of going to the overly Christmas... Shortbread biscuits, containing generous amounts of almonds, good winter in greece months butter and icing sugar visiting. But most areas of Greece in 1967-1974 List of amazing bakeries moved to Greece the. Guide for all months of the country mainly in the rest of the Polytechnic University, which cost! And shorts weather although the weather, and from the north hemisphere produce their own varieties. Limassol is a tree in the warmer months location in the city centre laden! Western countries walking around Athens, make sure you winter in greece months find these conditions very pleasant in. Towns with charm the weather, so check their website before visiting location snowy of! Point you 'll pass through several winter in greece months during your holiday country are under a too high workload weeks. November-April ) is a mix of amazing rock formations with monasteries perched on the day are the Temple of is. Central Athens went on for several months during the winter months in the northern regions the! Summer ( April – October ) and September to October change to occupation! Monasteries perched on the second Sunday in November, in that order in armenia, the opening hours for museums... As tomatoes and cucumbers are grown in greenhouses nowadays added benefit of far smaller crowds of February girlfriends.