Petro Trade Cup First Round Draw Completed, as LISCR Football Club Travels to Sinoe

MONROVIA, Montserrado – The draw for the 2019-20 Petro Trade Cup has been made, with 50 teams set to compete in male and female categories. In the male category, 32 teams will compete, while there will be 18 teams in the female category.

For the first time in the history of the competition, teams from Sinoe, River Gee, and Grand Gedeh will compete in the Liberia Football Association knockout competition.

The male category is being represented by 12 first division teams, 13 second division clubs, and 7 clubs from the third division, while female category is being represented by 9 clubs each from the women’s top division and lower division.

The tournament, which will be played on a home and away basis, has seen all third division clubs in the male category playing the first leg at home before going away for the return leg.

The competition’s defending champions, LISCR Football Club, will begin their title defense away at Beauty FC of Sinoe, while newly promoted first division side Nimba Kwado will get a tough test against first division defending champions LPRC Oilers FC.

Meanwhile, Mighty Barrolle will start the search for their ninth title against second division club Jai Football Club. Although not the favorites this year, the Kanyan Pepper Boys are the most successful club in the competition, with eight titles.

River Gee’s Finda Football Club will make their debut against first division giants Nimba United while their compatriot, God Power Football Club of Grand Gedeh will host first division side Small Town Football Club.

In the female category, defending champions Earth Angels will begin their title defense away at United Girls Football Club. Brakay FC will make their debut against Determine Girls, while World Girls of the top division start their FA Cup journey against Soccer Ambassadors Football Club.

The Petro Trade Cup, formerly called the FA Cup, is the Liberia Football Association’s knockout competition. The new name came after a L$13 million (US$62,000) sponsorship deal signed with Petro Trade Incorporated.

Full Draw:

Male Category:
↔️Finda FC (Rivergee) vs Nimba United FC
↔️God Power FC (G.Gedeh) vs Small Town FC
↔️Skills FC (G. Gedeh) vs Jubilee FC
↔️Kandaka FC (Bomi) vs Watanga FC
↔️Paynesville FC (Montserrado) vs Mighty Blue Angels
↔️Beauty FC (Sinoe) vs LISCR FC
↔️Field Marshall (Bong) vs MC Breweries
↔️BYC II vs Almighty FC
↔️Mighty Barrolle vs Jai FC
↔️Heaven Eleven vs Keitrace FC
↔️Tony FC vs Stages FC
↔️LPRC Oilers vs Nimba Kwado
↔️Sandi vs Freeport FC
↔️NPA Anchor vs Nimba FC
↔️Muscat FC vs FC Fassell
↔️Bea Mountain vs Jr. Pro

Female Category
↔️New Georgia Super Star vs Ambassador FC
↔️DC Shooters vs Hippo FC
↔️Ravia Girls FC vs Senior Professional FC
↔️City Academy FC vs Island Queen
↔️Brakay FC vs Determine Girls FC
↔️Soccer Ambassador FC vs World Girls FC
↔️Faconet FC vs Pro-sisters FC
↔️SFA Shatar Angels FC vs Blanco FC
↔️United Girls FC vs Earth Angels FC

Featured photo by T Kla Wesley Jr.

T Kla Wesley Jr.

T. Kla Wesley Jr. is a member of the Sports Writers Association of Liberia.

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