Review: Liberia Unscrabbled

In this 200-page published book of riddles dedicated to Liberia, author and publisher Ophelia Lewis brings to life a unique perspective—the history of her native country. Liberia Unscrabbled is a book of puzzles, trivia, and word search.

It presents amazing brainteasers and outlook on Liberia— a first — and tangs up the reading horizons for those interested in Liberia and its history and culture via the trivia flicks that are presented. For those not from the country and interested in solving puzzles, and hence a unique history of an African country founded by freed men of color in the 19th century, Lewis’ work will amaze you.

Lewis, in constructing her latest book, does an excellent job of laying out the details in this five-chapter paperback. The author of Montserrado Stories, she has also written two novels, three children’s books, a book of poetry, a book of essays, and two collections of short stories. The founder of Village Tales Publishing is working assiduously to take her firm to the next level in the literary industry.

With much chronological implication, historically speaking, Lewis took time and with meticulous concentration and interest in putting together a book which is both amusing and detailed. Liberia Unscrabbled is, therefore, an educative workshop on happenings traversing Liberia’s past and present.



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