Senate Confirms Cooper as New Nimba Superintendent

GOMPA, Nimba – After being appointed as Nimba’s superintendent on Jan. 12, the former assistant superintendent of Nimba, Dorr Cooper, was confirmed on Thursday, March 23.

Cooper was appointed as superintendent following the dismissal of the former superintendent, Fong G. Zuagele, by Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. Sirleaf did not give any reasons for Zuagele’s dismissal.

Speaking to The Bush Chicken early Friday morning in Ganta, Cooper said his confirmation went seamlessly.

“This is a normal fulfillment of our constitutional provision that the president has the power to appoint superintendents, ministers and other officials of government to serve at her will and pleasure, and confirmed by the senate,” he said.

Although the president appoints, the Senate has the power to reject appointees during confirmation hearings if the appointees do not present a convincing case to be confirmed. Cooper said his ability to make his case to the Senate about his development agenda for the county led to his confirmation.

“We informed the Senate that we were coming on board with lots of experience, having managed the municipality of Ganta for five years… and also served in the capacity as assistant superintendent for development for two years and left incredible marks for the people of Nimba,” he said.
The newly confirmed superintendent said his top priority is to complete road projects that were initiated during his two-year term as assistant superintendent for development during Zuagele’s administration. He also pointed out that the pavement of two major streets in Ganta as among his other top goals.

“Currently, as I speak to you, there are many things on my plate,” Cooper said, “one of which has to do with the pavement of streets in Ganta — the back road leading to LPMC Junction and the street from [United Bank for Africa], connecting the LPMC back road — the extension of roads in rural communities and many, many more to come.”

According to Cooper, he desires to work cordially with the people of Nimba and the County Caucus during the period he has to serve as superintendent.

“I have come to work with our people with respect all the sectors of people — the Christian community, the Muslim community, the young people, the journalists, and everybody else, [including] the market women and the disabled,” he said. “I have come to work with all of them so that we can move our county forward. I just need to work with my Caucus.”

Featured photo by Arrington Ballah

A resident of Ganta, Nimba County, Arrington has a background working with credit unions and other organizations dedicated to rural finance.

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