It’s one of the most popular scents out there. Bone Collector's Michael Waddell instructs hunters on the best applications/ timing of buck urine. Oh, by the way, it’s also available in spray form – which we liked a lot! Easy to use and original doe in estrus urine can be a perfect item to choose. The first one is to mask the human smell while you’re hunting. Code Blue suggests utilizing its doe urine on “high-temperature days”, applying to boots and stands for maximum results. This scent will provide you with greater peace of mind thanks to the packaging. Then you hang it on a branch or twig 6 feet above the ground where you’re going to hunt. 1. This ensures that you’ll be able to keep this product and use it for multiple seasons. Moreover it lasts longer than a liquid. Buck Bomb 6.65 Oz. It is recommended to utilize deer urine during breeding or mating season only. There are such scents called sexual which hunters use to attract the animal. Inside the bomb there is a super-absorbing fuse that emits the smell of a doe, which is detected by the reindeer. Within this guide, you’re going to find out more about the best deer scents and you’ll find tips for choosing the best one for your unique needs. The newest (old) proven deer product is chestnuts. Best overall: Tinks #69 Doe-in-Rut Buck Lure 4 Oz “collected estrous from live whitetails during the estrous cycle”, Very popular: Code Blue Whitetail Doe Estrous “The amount of positive reviews confirms that it’s a great scent for attracting especially bucks.”, Best wax sticks: Conquest Scents Hunters Pack VS-1 “referred to as the most powerful deer estrus scent available”, Best new doe scent: Tink’s #1 Doe-P 1 Oz “work well in all seasons”, Best herd scent: Conquest Scents EverCalm Deer Herd Scent Bottle “This is one of the strongest scents and it is natural too”, Best package: Code Blue Red Buck “It’ll help lure those does and bucks to your location in a hurry”, Great for hunting bucks: Wildlife Research Doe-in-Estrus 4 Oz “contains doe urine with estrus secretions so you can guarantee that you’ll get great results”, Great female scent: Code Blue Screamin’ Heat Enhanced Estrous “made of “pure” estrous urine to ensure maximum effectiveness”. The key to draw a buck is using the right scent at the right time. After all, it stimulates the buck’s sexual attraction instinct. So, it will lure bucks directly to your location quicker than when not utilizing the product. This is one of the best products for attracting bucks. Any time of the year you may use it to attract the bucks in the area. Usually, this scent allows them to... Buck Urine. On top of that, the special ingredient will attract bucks. Our 'Buck Urine' is one of our early season favorites. People still argue about the effectiveness of the scents, but a great range of hunters assure that the products work. ( The best scent for this season is Code Blue Whietail Doe Estrous. If you’re going to go hunting, you’ll want the Conquest Scents Hunters Pack by your side. There is a good chance that it’ll turn things around and give you a better chance out there. This means that this product is going to calm the deer. Natural smell of the doe urine attracts bucks. Another thing to note is that this product is effective all season. Tink’s #69 Doe-in-Rut Buck Lure – Works Well-Enough For A Buck! According to the brand, it only utilizes secretions for a “single doe” that is collected during “the peak estrous cycle.”. However, it only makes sense to apply the solution to your gear, boots, and attire. The scent wick is made of special synthetic felt that doesn’t affect hunting lure and indeed wicks out the scent. This means that they’re going to approach your location before you know it. * Your email address will not be published. The kit of 7 items is rather great as you have everything ready at hand. Whether the air is warm or cool, the scent can move uphill and downhill. Even if you do not have the product on hand, you can make the comparison by reading the product labels. PERFECTLY TIMED: Collected when a doe is at absolute peak heat, using a patent-pending process to ensure purity. This one is inexpensive making it suitable for all. The lure can be used during all seasons that make it universal. Available in a variety of formulas and legal in all 50 states. WE ARE THE ONLY COMPANY THAT HAS THE PATENT FOR THE SCRAPE RAGE GEL. Therefore, they’re going to track down the new competition in hopes of getting right of them. While you might be able to use it during all seasons, it works best during the whitetail rut. Available in 8-ounce packages in three scents: Doe Estrous, Buck Urine and Scrape Mate. In the early season (from late August to October), reindeer do not have a rut, so it is better not to use the smell of female excretions. Here are the best deer scents on the market today. The amount of positive reviews confirms that it’s a great scent for attracting especially bucks. Rutting buck urine makes local bucks mad because they smell intruder, so look out for some nice aggressive bucks! Finally, you can forget about what type of lure it is and when to use as this one suits all seasons long! There are also cotton balls, which comes in plastic canisters. 3. Code Blue has a full selection of deer urine. Why you should not buy? Due to it is a wax stick, it does not leak or spills. ... Of course, there are commercial deer pheromone and urine scented products as well. RAW Frozen Scents Scrape Lure Deer Attractant Urine Pure Whitetail Active Scrape Lure Buck Hunting Spray Scent 2 oz (3 Bottles) 4.0 out of 5 stars 37 $41.95 $ 41 . You’ve likely heard of the Wildlife Research Center before. On top of that, it doesn’t contain any preservatives. The brand utilizes a process that extracts pure estrous urine from all-natural do secretions. It comes with a Mini Bomb too so you will be able to keep the deer calm. Create a wallow or scrape and rub it into the soil for long lasting attraction. Thanks to the patented design you can insert Key-Wicks right into the bottle of hunting scent. Nevertheless, you should know that some deer scents are better than others. On a hot day you do not have to worry that the urine evaporates as it is protected from high temperatures. Quit using your doe bleat call you were using during pre-rut. By doing so, you can attract as many bucks as is possible in your area, as through the early season deer are already attracted by the smell of the soil itself. Whether you’re hunting in North Carolina, Tennessee, or Maine, there is a good chance that this product is going to work for you. Tink’s #1 Doe-P Deer Lure – Works Well Any Season You Hunt!