Immigration provides a supply of low cost labor for host countries, while remittances from emigrant workers can be an important source of foreign income for sending nations. SSRC Migration & Development Conference Paper No. 1 Recent research on relations between migration and development has focused largely on international migration and its impact on economic growth, poverty, and inequality in sending countries. The impacts of migration are complex, bringing both benefits and disadvantages. Chapter Two: Migration & Development in West Africa 15 Overview 15 Region-Wide Issues 18 Importance of Migration to the Poor 23 Migration Policies in West Africa 24 ... • In relation to the brain drain, there is particular concern about the impacts on health of migration of doctors and nurses. If countries are to achieve the SDGs, they need to consider the impact of migration at all levels and on all outcomes, beyond the targets in Table 1. This report presents the baseline results of quantitative and qualitative surveys. International migration is an ever-growing phenomenon that has important development implications for both sending and receiving countries. Development Information on Impacts of International Migration The original hypothesis was: Migration is leading to increased inequalities within and between sending communities and regions and areas where there is less or no migration. He examines the factors that motivate only some individuals to migrate in a particular country , a theme that lies outside the scope of Keeping this in mind, this paper will analyze the impact of migration on countries of origin by focusing on the role played by migrant workers’ remittances in stimulating local economic development. Our analysis, which has explored the links between migration and 15 of the 17 SDGs, shows that migration is not a development The Social Science Research The impact of migration . The originality of this report is both in providin g fresh evidence of the implications for growth and the dynamism of economies and also in our consideration of the fiscal costs and benefits of migration in … Three key areas that affect the relationship between migration and development are examined in detail: • the immediate and long-term impacts of the emigration of people (the loss of skills, the potential for circulation and return migration); impact on global growth and the performance of the wider economy. Preliminary assessments on existing research gaps, conducted by the ACP Observatory in collaboration with national counterparts in the 12 target countries and 6 ACP regions, revealed the need for information on the impacts of South-South migration on development. development impact of migration and remittances on origin countries and on destination countries in the South. the reciprocal impacts between migration and development, as is being shown below. migration and development are the focus of our work. The Impact of Internal Migration on Early Childhood Well-Being and evelopment 1 Executive summary This is a longitudinal mixed-method study investigating the impact of parental migration on early childhood well-being and development in Thailand. impacts of migration for economic development and poverty reduction. the impact of migration on the host country.