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Lack of Gov’t Coordination Leaves Old Road Without Water

Lack of Gov’t Coordination Leaves Old Road Without Water

In a case that reflects an apparent lack of coordination among government agencies, construction equipment rehabilitating Chugbor Road have damaged several water pipes, causing water outage in the Old Road community for almost one week now.

OP-ED: Join PATEL to Bring Participatory Democracy to Liberia

Undue economic hardships are the incubators of democracy. Whether we were talking about the origins of democracy in America, Great Britain, Switzerland, France, or the European Union, economic hardships caused by excessive taxation imposed to enrich the political elites are the driving force for systemic change.

OP-ED: Safety & Security after UNMIL Undermined by President’s Constitution Referendum

At the 11th hour and in her 11th annual message to the Honorable Liberian Legislature, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf answered the million dollar question on the minds of most Liberians, Liberia’s partners as well as current and future investors.