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Sen. Tornonlah’s Office Not Definite on Date for Constituency Report

Amid the release of IREDD’s 2015 legislative performance report which scored Margibi’s Senator Jim Tornonlah poorly in plenary participation, the senator’s office has declined to state a date when the senator will make a constituency report to citizens of the county.

OP-ED: Is George Weah Ready to be President?

This week, news emerged that Senator George Manneh Oppong Weah, the former world footballer who used his feet to accomplish wonders in the European league, thus becoming world best player in 1995 – a fame he would also use to launch his political career – ranked as one of the worst performing senators in terms of plenary participation.

Security Remains Tense at Police Headquarters in the Wake of Patricks’ Arrest

Though security measures are said to be in place at the headquarters of Liberia National Police following the arrest and incarceration of Vandalark Patricks at the Monrovia Central Prison last week.

Constitution Review Conference in Gbarnga Proposes Major Changes

The Constitution Review Committee has ended a four-day National Constitution Review Conference in Gbarnga. The four days exercise brought together delegates from the fifteen subdivisions and the Diaspora to vote on 25 issues to be forwarded for amendments to the 1986 constitution including reducing term durations for political offices and making Liberia a Christian state.