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Judge Drops Charges Against Crane Currency for Lack of Evidence

Judge Drops Charges Against Crane Currency for Lack of Evidence

Criminal Court C Judge Nancy Sammie has dropped charges against Crane Currency for its role in printing excess Liberian dollar banknotes in 2016 and 2017. The judge’s decision followed the government’s application to dismiss the case based on the lack of sufficient evidence to prosecute the company.

Gov’t Report on Missing Billions Calls for Demonetization

The technical committee of the President Investigation Team tasked with investigating the circumstances around the allegedly missing billions in new banknotes has released its report to the public, recommending that all current Liberian dollar banknotes (new and old) be removed from the market and replaced.

Philipbert Browne to Appear Before Lawmakers Over Bribery to Print New Banknotes

Philipbert Browne, the owner, and publisher of the Hot Pepper newspaper that broke the news about the missing billions in new banknotes on September 13, is due to appear before lawmakers today, Nov. 22, to testify about claims he has made that representatives received bribes to authorize the printing of the new notes.

Former Central Bank Governor Admits Legislature Did Not Approve Printing of Additional L$10.5 billion

Former Central Bank Governor Milton Weeks has admitted before the plenary of the House of Representatives that the printing of the additional L$10.5 billion new banknotes was not authorized by the legislature.