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Dillon Says Liberty Party Will Not Remain Neutral in Runoff Election

Abraham Darius Dillon, vice chair for political activities of the opposition Liberty Party, says his party has made no official endorsement to support either Unity Party or the Coalition for Democratic Change but he clarified that his party would not remain neutral in the runoff election.

UP Secretary General Resigns Amid Pressure to Observe Code of Conduct

Nagbe took the decision last week amid long running accusations from opposition political parties that he and other executive members were in violation of the code of conduct by serving in key positions in the party while at the same time serving as presidential appointees.

Sherman and Tyler Appear In Court over Alleged Bribery Allegations

The grounds of the Temple of Justice on Wednesday was a scene of drama and tension as two senior government officials, Senator Varney Sherman and House Speaker Alex Tyler, appeared in court over bribery allegations named in the recent Global Witness report.