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OP-ED: Is George Weah Ready to be President?

OP-ED: Is George Weah Ready to be President?

This week, news emerged that Senator George Manneh Oppong Weah, the former world footballer who used his feet to accomplish wonders in the European league, thus becoming world best player in 1995 – a fame he would also use to launch his political career – ranked as one of the worst performing senators in terms of plenary participation.

Weah Argues for Police “Personal Accountability,” Touts Own Philanthropy in Rare Annual Report

Sen. George Weah of Montserrado County released his annual report for 2015, in which he discussed his office’s accomplishments in 2015, challenges they faced, and his plans for the 2016 legislative session. Among other subjects, the report covered the Liberian legislative budget, Weah’s work for police reform, and his personal philanthropic work.

25 Things You Didn’t Know About Liberia

If you are like us, you probably read the news, a lot. And lately, you know that Liberia has dominated the news with reports on its battle against Ebola. But do you know these 25 little nuggets of truth about the country?