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OP-ED: George K. Werner – A Reformist or Deformist?

OP-ED: George K. Werner – A Reformist or Deformist?

Liberia in this age of globalization and modernity is wedged in a web of dilemma due to an array of factors. With all of what this country has in terms of natural wealth, it remains a symbol of poverty and illiteracy in Africa, even though it was once seen as the pride of Africa.

Over 1,000 Ghost Names Cleared from Ministry of Education Payroll

Over a thousand ghost names have been identified for removal from the Ministry of Education’s payroll, after the minister concluded vetting 47 percent of its workforce, based in Nimba, Bong, and Montserrado.

Stakeholders Paint Grim Picture for Partnership Schools

At a Ministry of Education meeting with operators selected to participate in the Partnership Schools for Liberia initiative, several operators have described alarming situations at Liberian schools that may pose a challenge to starting their work at the beginning of the school year.

Several Senior Tubman University Staff Found Collecting Dual Salaries

Documents leaked to The Bush Chicken have revealed that 23 employees at Tubman University are receiving dual salaries from multiple positions, including several senior level employees. The May 2016 payroll, along with other documents, were leaked by members of the faculty senate who did so anonymously for fear of retribution. The senior staff members were

Education Minister Eases Concerns about Partnership Schools for Liberia

Education Minister George Werner’s latest move to partner with private institutions to improve the quality of Liberia’s education system has been met with intense resistance from many individuals and groups. In an exclusive interview with The Bush Chicken, the Minister clarified some of the misconceptions about his approach.