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OP-ED: John Morlu for President

OP-ED: John Morlu for President

John Morlu, former Auditor General of Liberia, has been a fearless advocate for accountability since he came to the public eye about ten years ago. He has not relented in his desire to push for austerity, evident in his keen displeasure for corruption among public officials and his track record when he served as Liberia’s Auditor General.

OP-ED: Finally – John S. Morlu II is Preparing to Run for President of Liberia

You see, for the past few months, concerned Liberians have been working on a grassroots movement to support the anti-corruption initiative of John S. Morlu, II. This group has been urging the former Auditor General of Liberia to run for president in the upcoming 2017 elections based on his history as a leader in the fight against corruption in Liberia.