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Judge Presiding Over Excess Printing of Banknote Trial Recuses Himself

Judge Presiding Over Excess Printing of Banknote Trial Recuses Himself

Judge Blamo Dixon has recused himself from presiding over the excess banknote printing case involving former officials of the Central Bank.

Opening of Courts Delays Argument into Weeks Criminal Appearance Bond

Arguments into the validity of the US$900,000 property valued criminal appearance bond filed by former Central Bank Governor, Milton Weeks could not be held today, as the day marked the official opening of the March term of court.

Two Central Bank Officials Also in Prison in Connection to ‘Missing Billions’ Case

The Liberia National Police have turned over to the Monrovia City Court two defendants in the multiple criminal offense case involving former and current officials of the Central Bank of Liberia.

Charles Sirleaf Contradicts Former Governor, Says CBL Received Authorization to Print Additional 10.5 Billion

Deputy Central Bank Governor for Operations, Charles Sirleaf has contradicted revelations by former CBL Executive Governor Milton Weeks that the bank did not get authorization from the legislature to print additional L$10.5 million new banknotes.

Former Central Bank Governor Admits Legislature Did Not Approve Printing of Additional L$10.5 billion

Former Central Bank Governor Milton Weeks has admitted before the plenary of the House of Representatives that the printing of the additional L$10.5 billion new banknotes was not authorized by the legislature.