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Media Stakeholders Stress Accountability and Independence

Media Stakeholders Stress Accountability and Independence

At a recent discussion on the role of the media in society, several media stakeholders have stressed the need for accountability and independence within Liberia’s media industry.

Second Integrity Idol Launched to Celebrate “Honest Civil Servants”

The recent publication of Global Witness’ report about government officials accepting bribes from a British company has dominated the Liberian news cycle. In a most timely coincidence, Accountability Lab has launched its second edition of Integrity Idol in Liberia. The campaign is a contest that aims to shine a light on the nation’s most honest civil servants.

Integrity Idol Crowns Liberia’s Top Civil Servants

The conversation about corruption in Liberia often tends to focus on the negative, according to Blair Glencorse. The Executive Director of the Accountability Lab believes Liberians mostly “talk about wrongdoers and not about do-gooders.” Such a focus, he said, “makes people feel hopeless.”