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Brumskine’s Education Policies Are Nothing New and Lack Key Details

Accepting Liberty Party’s nomination to contest this year’s presidential elections, Charles W. Brumskine made some pledges regarding education that appear quite laudable at first glance. However, further scrutiny reveals that Liberty Party’s education policies are nothing new.

OP-ED: Leaving Mining Behind in a Sustainable Liberia

Mining operations degrade the environment through soil erosion, water contamination, air pollution, and often deforestation. These can lead to respiratory illnesses and heavy metal poisoning for nearby residents, sedimentation, and loss of arable land, while depleting valuable finite resources.

Brumskine Reiterates Promise to Make Liberia Self-Sufficient in Rice Production

Liberty Party’s Charles Walker Brumskine has continued his advocacy for the reopening of the now defunct Agriculture Cooperative Development Bank – this time in Nimba.

Jones and Cummings Pay Visit to Nimba Today

The political leaders of the Alternative National Congress and the Movement for Economic Empowerment were both expected to pay a visit to Nimba today in their quest to cement their relationship with the people of the county.

Sirleaf Finally Constitutes Office of Ombudsman; Former Police Head Massaquoi Appointed as Chair

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has finally constituted the Office of Ombudsman for the implementation of the Code of Conduct.

Supporters of Cummings and Jones Still Hopeful for Elections

The national vice chairman of the Movement for Economic Empowerment and the County Charter chair of the opposition Alternative National Congress have both denied speculations that their political leaders would not appear in the 2017 presidential lineup.