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OP-ED: Can Prayer Solve Africa’s Problems?

OP-ED: Can Prayer Solve Africa’s Problems?

Africa, the cradle of humankind, is a diverse, and deeply spiritual, continent. Numerous religions are practiced across Africa with the main ones being Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. While religion has its place, there seems to be a higher influx of church prayer services in Liberia than there are schools or solid policies as a solution to poverty and Africa’s other vexing problems.

Liberians Seek Divine Intervention on Fast and Prayer Day

Situated in a small valley, very close to a swampy land, is the Little White Chapel Church. The church is located in the Coca-Cola Factory East community, in Montserrado County. This is where dozens of Liberians ended up on National Fast and Prayer Day, a holiday set aside for Liberians to pray about the many challenges confronting the country and its people.