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Police Say Weah Did Not Interfere in Old Road Violence

Police Say Weah Did Not Interfere in Old Road Violence

The Liberia National Police has denied claims by Montserrado’s 10th district representative, Yekeh Kolubah, accusing its inspector general, Patrick Sudue, of avoiding arresting perpetrators of Sunday’s violence at a party he organized for children in his district on the orders of President George Weah.

Philipbert Browne to Appear Before Lawmakers Over Bribery to Print New Banknotes

Philipbert Browne, the owner, and publisher of the Hot Pepper newspaper that broke the news about the missing billions in new banknotes on September 13, is due to appear before lawmakers today, Nov. 22, to testify about claims he has made that representatives received bribes to authorize the printing of the new notes.

Police Launch Road Safety Day

MONROVIA, Montserrado – On Saturday, July 21 the Liberia National Police, in collaboration with the Monrovia City Corporation, drew attention to road safety issues in Liberia with a celebration of Road Safety Day. The launch of the campaign began with a parade from Vamoma House in Sinkor through Tubman Boulevard to the Monrovia City Hall,