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University of Liberia Operating in Deficit as Gov’t Fails to Pay for Free Tuition Policy

University of Liberia Operating in Deficit as Gov’t Fails to Pay for Free Tuition Policy

The University of Liberia has told the Senate’s committees on education and public administration that the institution now operates at a deficit due to the government’s failure to pay for its free tuition policy.

AFL Finds That Soldier Violated Military Code With Facebook Post

The Armed Forces of Liberia has found that one of its soldiers, Sieh Collins, failed to uphold the military’s regulations after he made a controversial Facebook post.

In Grand Cape Mount, Citizens Want Qualifications for Elected Positions Amended

Citizens in Grand Cape Mount are calling for an amendment in the legal requirements for elected government positions. The citizens said the current level of enforcement of candidates’ qualification, such as the residency clause, domicile and property value requirements does not adequately hold leaders accountable.

Tubman University Calls Bush Chicken Report on Professor Shortage ‘Misleading’

Days after a Bush Chicken report noted that Tubman University was experiencing issues recruiting professors because of a lack of funds provided by the central government, the university has gone on the offensive to issue a press release alleging that the story was “false and misleading.”

Is President Weah’s Tuition Waiver Causing Open Defecation Crisis at UL?

Since President George Weah announced a tuition waiver at all public tertiary institutions across the country, there are visible signs that the University of Liberia has not adjusted well to the changes. An investigation reveals that the Capitol Hill campus now has an open defecation phenomenon due to the lack of water on campus.

OP-ED: A Reflection on the First Year of Pro-Poor Governance

As opposition leader Alexander Cummings of the Alternative National Congress tried to point out, “leaders should eat last,” not “steal last” as had been twisted by government spin doctors and propagandist. Rather, he meant that leaders should serve their people first, and take care of their own needs last.