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OP-ED: Controlling the Wage Bill Through Salary Harmonization

In Liberia, public service pay is categorized into two major trunks. Cabinet ministers directly manage the Special Allowance, completely different from the set salary for the banded positions. For example, a cabinet minister might have the discretion to pay a special assistant US$2,000 as Special Allowance in addition to regular salary while other special assistants within the Civil Service Agency payroll system are making far less.

OP-ED: Public Procurement – a Critical Tool for Nation Building or a Toothless Bull Dog?

Public procurement is the process through which hard-earned taxpayers’ monies are used to better the lives of its citizens. Contemporary public procurement has gone beyond just buying goods, works, and services. Developed countries like France, Singapore, and the United Kingdom, for example, are now using public procurement to mitigate climate change, fight corruption, bribery, human trafficking, or child labor.