Three County Capitals to Benefit from Double Chip Seal Roads

BARCLAYVILLE, Grand Kru – Three county capitals are expected to benefit from government road construction projects, according to Grand Kru’s resident engineer, Anthony Gbassi.

The capitals are Barclayville, Grand Kru; Greenville, Sinoe; and Bopolu, Gbarpolu. Each of the three capitals will benefit from the 2.5-kilometer double chip seal pavement. President George Weah had briefly mentioned the projects in his State of the Nation Address, but Gbassi provided more details on the pending construction.

Speaking to The Bush Chicken on Feb. 5 in Barclayville, Gbassi said the road project is part of the government’s commitment to connecting all county capitals within the context of President George Weah’s Pro-Poor Agenda.

Double chip-seal roads are a form of asphalt pavement that is slightly cheaper than full asphalt pavements and will help the government manage the cost of infrastructure. Gbassi disclosed that the project had already begun in Barclayville. The Barclayville segment of the road project is being undertaken by SSF, a Lebanese road construction company, and is financed through the government’s National Road Fund and the governments of Sweden and Germany.

The ongoing construction is expected to be completed by May this year.

Another firm, the Tarhini Construction Company, is currently implementing the Smallholder Agriculture Productivities and Commercialization road project from Picnicess to Grand Cess waterside, and from Barclayville to Fleneken. Meanwhile, SSF has been contracted to construct the road from Big Swen to Juduken in Wedabo district, under the SAPEC project funded by the African Development Bank through the Ministry of Public Works.

Gbassi hopes that local people of Grand Kru and other counties take advantage of these roads to begin investing in the soil for sustainable agricultural development. Under the government’s Pro-Poor Agenda, the road initiates are intended to improve the livelihood of citizens in rural communities and to strengthen the economic potentials of each county.

Featured photo by James Suah

James Suah

James Saye Suah attended the Barclayville Central High School and is currently studying computer science at the Grand Kru Technical College in Barclayville. He works with the Voice of Grand Kru as a senior reporter, production director, and talk show host. Additionally, James is also a correspondent for the Liberia News Agency.

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