About Us

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We are a high-quality media outlet dedicated to in-depth news and analysis on Liberia’s current events, development, and state of affairs.


The Bush Chicken name is inspired by both the inclusive coverage of rural communities and the idea that the outlet will serve as a wake-up call to important issues.

We identified the following problems with journalism in Liberia:

  • Articles are often poorly researched.
  • Articles reflect poor command of the English language.
  • News businesses are poorly managed, leading to paltry revenues and subsequently, poorly paid reporters. This, in turn, leads to news bias towards those who are willing to pay.
  • The interior and rural areas are widely ignored
  • A general lack of in-depth analysis or investigative reporting

To solve these issues, the Bush Chicken will produce properly researched and well-written news articles. We will pay our journalists well to ensure that they can focus on writing with minimal conflicts of interests. We will also employ investigative journalism and ensure that stories from the interior are covered.

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