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Book Review: John Yormie’s Debut Book is a Must-Read on Liberian Diplomacy

In his debut book, Liberia in the Colorful World of Diplomacy, author John S. M. Yormie, Jr., an aspiring diplomat at the Monrovia-based Gabriel L. Dennis School of Foreign Service, elegantly and engagingly details Liberia’s landmark participation during the formation of major diplomatic institutions, while giving critical analysis about the impact of the first African republic’s membership and pivotal role in those organizations.

Liberian Civil War not Taught in Schools, So Millennials Take the Lead

Millennials in Liberia are taking the lead in educating their peers and young people about the history of the country’s 14 years of devastating civil war, a subject that is excluded from the syllabus in schools across the nation.

Book Review: From Oliver Twist to ‘Preeminent Man’: Sakui Malakpa on The Rise of Joseph Boakai

Joseph Boakai’s tenure as vice president of Liberia has been relatively quiet, particularly when considering the attention lavished on the president in whose administration he serves.