Grand Gedeh articles

Wild Chimpanzee Foundation and FDA Attempt Convincing Stakeholders to Support Proposed Krahn-Bassa National Park

On Oct. 16, the Forestry Development Authority and the Wild Chimpanzee Foundation convened a meeting between stakeholders from the Proposed Krahn-Bassa National Park and their counterparts from the already existent Grebo-Krahn National Park to allow them a glimpse of how the creation of a new park could affect their lives.

Senator Alleges That Ivorians and Others Have Set Up Illegal Farming Estate in Grand Gedeh

Representatives from the National Security Administration, the Ministry of National Defense, and the Liberia National Police have been asked to appear before the Senate to address issues relating to claims made by Grand Gedeh’s Sen. Marshall Dennis on trans-border land conflicts in Gbarzon Statutory District involving Ivorians, Burkinabe, and Mozambicans.