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On Jan. 29, 2015, we launched a high-quality media outlet that also provides inclusive coverage of rural communities.

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Over 90% of our monthly expenditures of $2,000 go directly toward paying our journalists. 

Our stories have had a variety of focus and impact. We’ve held government agencies accountable when they lapsed in providing quality services to citizens and we’ve drawn attention to government agencies that fail to protect citizens from large corporations. We’ve been the ones to pursue blatant abuse of the public trust, including a series of stories leading to the dismissal of top Tubman University officials.

Because of our presence in rural areas, we are also the first to carry crucial news from those regions, such as a suspected cases of polio in Nimba, which we followed until after testing was done in Cote d’Ivoire. In the health field, we’ve also written stories providing in-depth analysis on important issues, such as the higher than expected life expectancy of Liberians, compared to neighboring countries.

We’ve done this all with beautiful storytelling, such as our article conveying the impact of the Ebola epidemic on members of the burial teams. But our articles are not all serious and we can also have some fun, as with our comprehensive July 26 party planning guide.

Besides our great selection of stories, no other independent news outlet (radio station or newspapers) in Liberia has its reporters refuse to accept payments from newsmakers. And when our business entity has financial interests with subjects of stories our reporters write, we make a disclosure to allow our readers to understand the connections.

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