A Fresh Face and Unique Perspective Enters the Liberian Fashion Scene

Drawing inspiration from her own heritage and African inspired textiles, Meskora has developed a unique fashion brand that draws from the essence of a Bohemian aesthetic mixed with the traditional African tribal vibe. Having some experience in both photography and fashion, designer Meskora Amoussou has launched her Meskora fashion line to provide exposure to Liberia and its unique culture.


“The garment photos were inspired by a page on Instagram called fanm djanm. The headwraps are all hand-dyed by myself and garments were designed by me and individually sewn by my mother and uncle,” Meskora shared.


When asked why she chose to enter the burgeoning space of African fashion design Meskora stated a need to continue supporting the re-branding of Liberia and how she felt she could contribute. “I decided to start this business to give my vision to something else other than photography and also give Liberia more exposure and credit,” the young designer said.


The current climate for African fashion has expanded beyond the borders of the continent and presented itself as a distinct and profitable segment of the industry. With high profile celebrities and politicians often spotted wearing fashions designed by Africans or with the unique African aesthetic, the demand for these garments is great. Deciding to seize the opportunity to fill a perceived void in the market, Meskora created her fashion line with the consumer demands at the forefront.


“Westerners buy head wraps online for good money while we have the raw textiles for these products right here in our country and do nothing with it. We have to give more love to our country and continent. I’m planning to expand my business and create more African-inspired clothes,” Meskora said.


If you would like more information about Meskora and her clothing line, contact +231555205032.





All photos by Meskora S. Amoussou



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