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Last Thursday, many celebrated thanksgiving across the world. Today, December 3, we’re celebrating Giving Tuesday, a global day dedicated to supporting social causes, by asking you to support a Liberian journalism treasure.

Since The Bush Chicken launched on January 31, 2015, we’ve been providing a quality of writing and selection of stories that is unrivaled by any other Liberian news outlet. This level of excellence is evident in the fact that no news outlet has won more Press Union of Liberia excellence awards in the past three years than The Bush Chicken.

Besides our great selection of stories, no other independent news outlet (radio station or newspapers) in Liberia has an explicit rule forbidding its reporters from accepting payments from newsmakers. And when our business entity has financial or other interests with subjects of stories our reporters write, we make a disclosure to allow our readers to understand the connections.

It’s important to state that the service you receive as a reader costs over US$2,000 a month to produce, more than 90 percent of which goes towards reporters’ and editors’ salaries.

This year, your support is especially important, as we have hired an additional editor and reporters in all but two of Liberia’s 15 counties. Training and equipping them to do the unbiased, high-quality reporting you’ve come to expect from us will require your help.

If you have truly enjoyed our work and you want us to improve, we urge you to become more than a passive reader. We ask that you donate a US$50 one-time gift. Your efforts will ensure that we keep telling important stories about Liberia and work to improve our country.

Click the button below to make a donation or fill out the form at the bottom of every news article:

If you are in Liberia and don’t have a credit card, you can also make a donation via Mobile Money (0886 485-112).

Thank you.

Featured photo by Aaron Nah

The Bush Chicken is a young operation and we need your support to keep bringing you great content. Please support us.

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