PHOTOS: Scenes from the MSME Conference

The 2016 Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises Conference was held by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to promote and empower Liberia’s small businesses, with a particular focus on female-owned enterprises. Check out the photos below to see how the conference went.


Sylvain Roy, the President and Chief Executive Officer of CNFA, examines products from Bosh Bosh. CNFA is implementing the USAID’s Liberia Agribusiness Development Activity (LADA) program. Photo: Zeze Ballah


Sylvian Roy (left) and Watchen Harris Bruce (right) of LADA, stand next to a conference attendee. Photo: Zeze Ballah


Vice President Joseph Boakai shakes the hand of keynote speaker Eyvonne Bright-Harding of Shark’s. During his address, he encouraged women to see entrepreneurship as a way forward. Photo: Zeze Ballah


US Ambassador to Liberia Christine Elder promised the full support of the US government for women entrepreneurs in Liberia. Photo: Zeze Ballah


Audience members during the first day of the conference. Photo: Zeze Ballah


Eyvonne Bright-Harding, the keynote speaker for the program owns Shark’s Entertainment, Inc.. Liberia’s largest ice cream manufacturer, she supplies Mamba Point Hotel, Wulki Farms, and most supermarkets in Liberia. Photo: Zeze Ballah


Vice President Joseph Boakai encouraged Liberians to consume local products, adding, “If you go to my house, it’s mostly rubberwood… be proud in using whatever is made here.” Photo: Zeze Ballah


An audience member asks panelists a question. Photo: Lloyd Massah


Sylvain Roy, CEO of CNFA and Daniel Gies, Chief of Party of USAID/LADA. LADA is a USAID-funded project to attract US$9 million in new private sector investment. Photo: Zeze Ballah


Produce from farmers associated with LADA is displayed at the trade fair. LADA launched the Agribusiness Investment Network to connect agribusiness dealers to resources.


Gender Minister Julia Duncan Cassell, Sheryl Cowan of CNFA, and Amanda Hill of USAID/LADA. Cassell called for a women-only bank and said, “The records are there… women are better at managing money than men.” Photo: Zeze Ballah


Sheryl Cowan of CNFA said LADA had established a special US$3 million co-investment fund to help smallholder farmers access financing. Photo: Zeze Ballah


At the trade fair, products from newly started cosmetic company Naz Naturals are displayed. Photo: Lloyd Massah


Produce on display at the trade fair by farmers associated with LADA. Photo: Lloyd Massah


Locally made rubberwood furniture were on display. Conference attendees rated the various furniture; the winner would receive a grand prize of US$10,000. Photo: Lloyd Massah


Watchen Harris Bruce of CNFA/LADA, Susan Edwards of Fund Manager Pan African Capital Group, and Fatumata Soukouna Coker of CWCE were the three women on the panel for a session that explored the various types of investment small business owners could access. Photo: Lloyd Massah


J-Palm Liberia gives free samples of its Kernel Fresh palm kernel oil product to conference attendees who would provide their contact information. Photo: Lloyd Massah

Our coverage is sponsored by CNFA’s LADA/Feed the Future

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