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Police Spokesperson Retracts Statement on Subcompact Vehicles

Police Spokesperson Retracts Statement on Subcompact Vehicles

Sam Collins, spokesperson for the Liberia National Police, has clarified an earlier statement he made in a Bush Chicken article suggesting that the police were considering imposing restrictions on subcompact vehicles in Monrovia.

Tricycle Union Expresses Frustration Over Gov’t Restrictions

The Liberia National Police’s recent collection of restrictions on tricycles popularly known as ‘kehkeh’ may have not gone well with the Liberia Tricycle and Motorcycle Association and the riding public.

Liberia Airport Authority Attempts to Distance RIA From Equatorial Guniea’s Leader

The Liberia Airport Authority has provided clarification to a New Democrat Newspaper lead story linking the Roberts International Airport to the president of Equatorial Guinea, Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo.

On Day of the African Child, Rights Groups Want Justice in Two Children’s Death

In observance of the day of the African Child, two rights groups called for justice in the case involving the death of two children at the end of last year.

Children’s Rights Activist Hopes Justice Minister’s Resignation Resolves Contentious Cases

The head of the National Children Representative Forum, formerly known as the Liberian Children Parliament, say she is pleased with the resignation of Justice Minister and Liberia’s Attorney General, Benedict Sannoh.